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I am really excited to see the movie of Judy Ann Santos with Sarah Geronimo that is set to be released this year.

Of course, I also hop that Judy Ann will now have her baby with hubby Ryan Agoncillo.

If they’re really serious about having their own baby, my suggestion is for them to consult my new favorite Feng Shui expert Jeffrey Co. If you wish to know more about Jeffrey Co just visit his blog , you can leave a message if you want a consultation.

Dennis Trillo and Cristine Reyes never ceases to amaze me. Are they together or not?

I bow to Charice Pempengco for continuously being humble despite of her huge success.


Kris Aquino admitted in The Buzz that they are temporarily separated because of a girl name Mayen Austria (who happens to live in the same subdivision – Valle Verde). She has temporarily moved in to the house of one of her sisters with her children.

She clarified that her confrontation with the Mayen’s mother was civilized and that she never raised her voice. That’s contrary to the report that came out in Inquirer. At one point during the interview she even apologize to Mayen’s mother because she said she acknowledges that Mrs. Austria was also an unwilling victim and was only involved because she happens to be the mom.

However, when she talked about Noynoy she obviously got emotional although she was really trying to control it. But she clarified that she is only going against the ethics rule of ABS-CBN that prohibits her from talking about Noynoy because she is involve. She clarified that Noynoy never condone any of her acts which Noynoy deems ‘immoral’, and she in so many words said that Noynoy is conservative in some aspects of life. She is obviously angry when she clarified that Noynoy should not have been dragged to the issue because it was a domestic issue and not a national concern. She also wondered as to why is that people came to know about the incident even if they were in an exclusive subdivision and was only talking to the mom and Mayen, when the latter joined them.

Kris clarified that the separation with James is temporary but that it could lead to a more permanent separation depending on how James reacts to the situation.

For a Feng Shui believer like me I think she should consider consulting her Feng Shui consultant for this. It was rumored that she has ‘temporarily’ moved to another consultant. My friend Joy Lim again just smiled when I asked her this and refuse to deny nor confirm the industry rumor.

Talking about Joy Lim of Charms and Crystals. I’m very happy to announce that another very good Feng Shui Expert that I consult, Jeff Co, has just recently started his own blog here in wordpress.

Jeff Co, for me is one of the best Feng Shui expert, if not the best. He is not famous with the general public only because he is a very private person and likes to keep his personal life private. He doesn’t really enjoy fame.

However, when it comes to his Feng Shui skills, I think he really is one of the best. he has consulted for several politicians and celebrities. He doesn’t want to share who they are but I once saw him picked up by a politican who happens win all the office he has run for. He also consults for a lot businessmen, one of which is an owner of a mall chain. But more than that a lot of people consult him for their personal life and for their relationship problems like love life.

Unlike other Feng Shui experts, his approach is very personal and he needs to count your Bazi which involves a person birthdate and time. He doesn’t prescribe generic Feng Shui charms but instead make one or suggest one that is really appropriate for you. Don’t get me wrong Joy Lim does this also but Jeff Co is stricter about this, and I believe both Joy Lim’s and Jeff Co’s charms both works really well.

Jeff who trained in China and Tibet has started his blog upon the persistent, not so gentle(Joke!), request of his friends and clients. He is also now making himself more available to the general public.

For those who wish to consult Jeff, you can leave a comment with your number here and I’ll forward it to him. You can also check his blog site which is . Again he just started so he only has written a few things, but I must say very substantial.

So I think Kris if you really have to change Feng Shui go to Jeffrey Co!


The 2010 Feng Shui (Bazi/Paht Chee Chart) shows that there is an extreme shortage of the water element this year. However, it also shows that there is a “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” this year. Meaning there is a chance for wealth. Before I moved on I just want to make clear that “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” was not coined by Ang Lee,its really a Feng Shui term, and it usually refers to taming hidden wealth that can only be tap byy being creative.
So while the general forecast for wealth this year is generally bad, people who are creative will find wealth. In terms of national economy or global economy. Countries whose presidents are creative and intelligent will help their country find the ‘gold’.


I’m in the process of coming up with the Feng Shui cures for the year 2010.

But off hand it is safe to say that we need to activate our wealth luck because the Feng Shui chart for 2010 is sorely lacking of water, which means wealth is a little challenging this year.


If you notice, I just came from a long blog break. I thought I’ll never blog again, but due to the numerous email that I get asking for the 2010 Feng Shui forecast, I decided to give in and celebrate my ‘rebirth’ my blogging about Joy Lim’s 2010 Forecast.

So here it goes…

General Forecast for the Year of the Metal TIGER
There will be more to celebrate on February 14, 2010 than usual. Of course, the rhythms and melodies of romance will fill the air on this day of love. Apart from that, Valentine’s Day 2010 ushers in the Chinese New Year. The Year of the Metal Tiger will run from February 14, 2010 until February 2, 2011. For convenience’s sake, I will be using 2010 and the Year of the Metal Tiger interchangeably. 2010 looks to be an auspicious year as the #8 Wealth Star flies to the center, affecting all. This much coveted star considered the luckiest star than can be present. Promises of fortune and prosperity may be around the corner. With the passage of time, there may be a growth in assets. It could be a lucky year for those involved in business. It may be the best time for you to start a business. Of course, 2010 is not the time to be complacent and to slack off. It is possible that money may come by more easily but do not expect it to just flow to you just like water from a gushing faucet. Your resourcefulness and efforts will still have a key role. Catch opportunities while you can but do not take careless risks. The #8 wealth star is linked with nobility. Luck may work to create progress in one’s career. Do not be too shocked if you experience significant accomplishment in your career. You may advance to a higher level at work or end up with an increase in your paycheck.All in all, the #8 Wealth Star bring luck but you still have to consider your own animal signs for your own detailed and more individualized forecasts. 2010 appears to be a year for politicians and business looks to be good due to the upcoming elections. However, the Southwest is afflicted in 2010. This in turn will affect love and marriage luck. It is possible for those who have been together for years and years to separate. Be tough and hold on to each other. Make sure that your toilet is not located in the Southwest so you do not flush out your love and marriage luck. Career luck may also be negatively affected with the Three Killings taking up residence in the North. In 2009, career luck was affected and problems may continue but they will not be as bad in 2010. In the light of the global crisis, it may pay to activate the north for luck when it comes to jobs. You may want to place the Celestial Guardians or waterfalls. For 2010, avoid facing the southwest at home and in the office. Do not begin or end renovations in the southwest either. This is believed to invite bad luck due to the presence of the Grand Duke Jupiter. Avoiding these things will keep you from absorbing negative energy. Because of their compass directions, monkeys and goats must beware during the Year of the Tiger. With the year 2010 being the Year of the Metal Tiger, things are looking up for businesses related to the metal and earth elements. Businesses linked with metal include jewelry, engineering, computers, and cars. Those linked with earth include construction, real estate and mining. It seems that challenges will abound for those in fields involving water and fire, which conflict with metal in the cycle of elements. Prospects in water businesses and restaurants and the like appear unfavorable.

2010 Forecast for the Rat

Luck has been dealing you various kinds of cards over the past few years. Luck favored you two years ago as the #6 Heaven Star moved in your direction. Then it took a major turn for the worse when the five killings flew to your corner last year. You may have had it tough but you have also emerged stronger from all of the misfortunes that you have both battled and survived. Things may still not be ideal for you in 2010 but it seems that you might be able to take a breather as luck eases up on you this year. Instead of the five killings, you will have the three killings to contend with. This is an annual affliction that is though to bring 3 types of misfortunes such as relationships, illnesses, lawsuits and bankruptcy. Be on the lookout for the #4 Romance Star. Don’t be too surprised if you discover that love is in the air. Hmmm, maybe it’s not such a coincidence that the Chinese New Year falls on February 14, which is also Valentine’s Day…This is definitely no year for singles to take refuge and hide out from the larger world out there. How can Cupid’s bow hit you when you’re out of sight? For those who are currently attached, be on guard against infidelity. Affairs may beckon but cheating involves a major betrayal of trust, which may never be recovered again. If you’re a student, putting extra effort into your studies may reap great rewards this year. If you have a literary bent, don’t let opportunities slip by. This may be your lucky year in the field. To guard against temptation, Rats can place Mandarin Ducks, a sign of marital fidelity, or a picture of a happy couple in the northeast.

2010 Forecast for the Ox

Over the last few years, it seems that your luck has revolved around the people you find yourself encountering in life. Two years ago, your life was interesting because of the influx of love and romance. Then last year, relationship concerns cropped up as you experienced conflicts and arguments with other people. This year, it seems that your well-being will be of major concern. No matter how busy you are, do not neglect your physical health. It seems that you are more prone to illnesses this year. You may also be more vulnerable to accidents or confinements in the hospital this year. If it has been a while since you have had your last check-up considering visiting your doctor. As for daredevil stunts, think twice –or thrice or even more times—about attempting them. You are only gifted with one body during your entire life. Respect your body. Take care of yourself. Honor the body that you have.

2010 Forecast for the Tiger

Relationships have taken the forefront in your life over the past couple of years. In 2007, Cupid brought out his bow-and-arrow and struck your heart. Then in 2008, it was quite the opposite. You had lots of interpersonal difficulties and arguments became a regular occurrence for you. For 2010, it seems that your health will take center stage. This year you may find yourself being more prone to accidents or sickness. Thrill-seeking activities and journeys to exotic but isolated places may not be the best ideas right now. Take an inventory of your daily habits. Make sure that you eat nutritious meals regularly. Get sufficient sleep. Incorporate exercise into your routine. Manage your stress levels. Visit your doctor if it has been quite a while since you’ve last had your medical checkup. Who wants to find themselves so sick that they are confined in a hospital? Only you can decide to take care of yourself. Great health is not achieved overnight. It is a gradual process. How about beginning to take the first steps now? Those born in the year of the Tiger may be interested in getting themselves the holy gourd or the Medicine Buddha for good health and to avoid confinement.

2010 Forecast for the Rabbit

The luck that you have experienced has varied through these last few years. Two years ago, things seemed incredibly rosy when the #8 Wealth Star graced your direction. Then luck had a major reversal last year as both the #7 Violence Star and the 3 Killings moved in your corner. Fortunately, all these major tribulations from 2009 look to be a thing of the past as 2010 ushers in the auspicious #6 Heaven Star. You might find yourself experiencing an unexpected windfall. Take advantage of opportunities as they come your way. You may find yourself getting ahead due to the help of others. Goodwill from others may prove to be very valuable. Always remember that no one is able to achieve all their aspirations on their own steam. People around you will have a significant contribution to where you find yourself.
Last year, when things were difficult you may have had some people who were caring and generous enough to help you. Consider returning the favor this year. Lend a hand to those in need.

2010 Forecast for the Dragon

For dragons, luck has fluctuated over the last couple of years. Two years ago, luck was quite mixed. You had your moments of great luck but you also had your moments of terrible luck. Then you had the #8 Wealth Star and the #9 Multiplying star working together to bring you great luck last year. Unfortunately, it looks like this run of incredible luck cannot be sustained this year. Instead the #7 Violence Star moves into your corner. Watch out for losses, burglary and violence. It might be a good idea to survey your home and place of business for weak points where intruders may enter. Take the necessary safeguards to protect yourself and your property. Stay away from potentially dangerous situations that can spiral into all out aggression. Do not be reckless and tempt fate. When faced with issues, do not automatically think that a fistfight would be the best way to resolve things. Outright confrontation may not be the best way of dealing with problems.

2010 Forecast for the Snake

The luck in your life has not shown a consistent pattern. Then again perhaps, that’s just the nature of luck. Two years ago, luck was somewhat unpredictable with a tendency of swinging from the extremely good to very bad. Then in 2009 luck reached a peak. Business was on the upswing for the snake and money came by more easily Alas, 2010 does not seem to be as good a year for the snake as 2009. The #8 Wealth Star shifts and is replaced by the #7 Violence Star. Vigilance may be of great importance this year. Take extra steps to keep your home, office and business safe. Be on guard against theft and losses. Avoid situations that can turn dangerous. Stay away from fights where you might get hurt. Now is not the time to be complacent about your safety. Nonetheless, next year looks to be a better year for you.

2010 Forecast for the Horse

The last couple of years of your life have been quite interesting. No drowning in boredom for you. Two years ago, you were hit with the deadly combination of the Three Killings and the Five Killings but you survived. Then last year, love and romance colored your life and you were luckier than usual when it came to literary and scholastic endeavors. People will be in the forefront for 2010. Unfortunately, it’s not about love and romance this year. More like the opposite in fact with the #3 Quarrelsome Star moving into your corner. If you find yourself being slapped with a court case, do not make the mistake of taking things too lightly. Seek the best legal counsel that you can. You may discover that you are running into more conflicts and misunderstanding than usual. All of this is not a totally bad thing. It is impossible to go through life always agreeing those around us. Unless you want to be a pushover, which you probably don’t want to be. This period may be a good time for you to hone your mediation, negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills. When you feel that you are being attacked, do not get overemotional and react right away. Consider better ways of responding and possible solutions. recommended that you avoid renovations in the south.

2008 Forecast for the Goat

For goats, luck has had its ups and downs over the last few years. Two years ago, the #7 Violence Star flew in and you were more vulnerable to losses and violence. Then last year, things took a turn for the better as the #9 Magnifying Star, which affected all animal signs, and the #6 Heaven Star, which flew into your corner, worked in concert with each other. Unfortunately, it looks like that this type of luck won’t hold for 2010 as the Five Killings, which are thought to bring 5 kinds of tribulations, move into your corner. Now is not the time to take excessive risks. If you think that doing something could lead to danger, reconsider your plans. It might be prudent to take extra care this year. You may be encountering a lot of difficulties this year but do not be swallowed by despair. Instead of being knocked down by life, perhaps it may be helpful to see problems as challenges to be conquered. You may find secret strengths and resources that you never realized that you had. Know that things will not always be this way forever.

2010 Forecast for the Monkey

Luck has been in flux for you these last couple of years. Luck was not all that kind in 2008 as the #7 Violent Star flew in and you may have experienced losses and burglary. Then things took a turn for the better last year as the #6 Heaven Star came in, bringing helpful people into your life and a possible windfall. Alas, it seems that luck will take a major hit this year as the Five Killings fly into your direction. The Five Killings is the most inauspicious in the chart and is associated with five types of misfortunes. In dangerous times, remember that caution is imperative. Consider postponing major life changes. It may be better to wait for a better time. Things are further compounded by the annual affliction of the Grand Duke Jupiter. For 2010, you will be directly facing the Grand Duke who is currently residing in the corner of the Tiger. You may be in for a battle in 2010. But do not lose heart and keep your chin up. In your trials, you may become an even stronger person and undergo a transformation. It may also be a period for you to discover the people who truly care about you. Do not think that you have to go through everything alone.

2010 Forecast for the Rooster

Luck has been somewhat tough on you these last couple of years. Two years ago, disagreements and quarrels were very much a fixture in your life. Last year, sickness and accidents seemed to occur much more often than you would have expected. Then again nobody likes being ill or injured.Finally, your luck seems to be finally recovering. And it’s not just by a little bit. Luck appears to be having a turnaround this year with the #1 Victorious Star moving to your corner. 2009 looks to be a great year. Opportunities will abound. Keep your senses on the alert and take advantage of these opportunities. For those who have toiled for years, you may finally reap the rewards. Consider revisiting old projects that you have set aside but still have promise. Face your fears and do what you need to do. Good luck is all about potential but it’s only through your actions can you can truly actualize your aspirations. Victory is within your reach.

2010 Forecast for the Dog

For dogs, luck has been mixed as of the last few years. Two years ago, you were more vulnerable than usual when it came to illnesses and accidents. Then your luck was definitely on the upswing the next year. The #1 Victorious Star worked in tandem with the #9 Multiplying Star for a fabulous year. It appears that your run of good luck will continue in 2010. Success may be in store for you. Now is not the time to be lazy and closed to prospects. Promising opportunities will just remain that if you don’t take action. If you feel ignored and under appreciated, you might be in luck this year. You may finally receive the appreciation and affirmation that you desire. Your sign will be impacted by a duo of stars for the second year in a row. This year the #8 Wealth Star will be affecting everyone and the effect of this lucky star is further bolstered by the #9 Multiplying Star that has flown to your direction. Talk about being a lucky dog!

2010 Forecast for the Pig

Your luck has been quite interesting as of late. Two years ago, your health was problematic and you realized the need to take care of yourself. Then the year after, the #1 Victorious Star flew in your direction. Things finally came together and you experienced triumph. 2010 looks to be an auspicious year. With the #9 Star moving in your direction, you may find yourself attaining sweet success. You may also be receiving appreciation and affirmation that has been much awaited for. Snatch opportunities that are presented to you. Two lucky stars will be coming into play for the Pig this year. The highly desirable #8 Wealth Star will be affecting all animal signs this year. The #9 Star is actually a Multiplying Star, enhancing both the bad and good luck of other stars. Fortunately for you, the #8 Wealth Star is a positive star and the #9 Star looks to further boost your luck. Those born during the Year of the Pig may be interested in buying a cleansing kit with a life-changing bracelet.



I’m a gay guy, but I’m sick and tired of gay films that’s all about nudity and sex that borders on being a porn film.

Star Cinema proves that’s its possible to come up with a ‘gay’ movie that is good and not just about SEX. And its not because they have the budget but because its, I believe, a very good script.

You can be intimate without taking your clothes off!

Most of all, great respect must be given to Vilma Santos, Luis “Lucky’ Manzano, and John Lloyd Cruz for doing a unconventional role, at least for them.

We should all support the movie in the big screen.

Do you think this is going to be a hit in the box office?




Unusually keyed up and agitated, these were the first words that my mother’s best friend uttered when she visited us a few years back. She then proceeded to tell us about the incident that happened at their house the night before. Apparently, at 12 midnight her son decided to turn the air-con off; only to find it switched on at full blast when he woke up at 2AM. And she repeatedly asserted that no, it’s not just a case of their air-con acting up.

To make things even more disquieting, her maid also claimed to be disturbed by shadows in her bedroom that very same night.

I AM NOT SUPERSTITIOUS. Far from it in fact. And for this reason, aside from the requisite offerings, I never really paid attention to the Chinese belief regarding the Hungry Ghost Month. But since I found the story of my mother’s best friend interesting, I thought that it’d be striking enough to be featured in a TV show that I handle. (I’m actually an Executive Producer for a news and public affairs program in one of the leading networks.)

But it turns out that there could actually be more to the Hungry Ghost Month than just unusual sightings and ghost stories. Below are some of the incidents that for some unknown reason, fell under the accursed month.

In the Philippines:

1. The Payatas tragedy that buried 500 scavengers happened at the start of the ghost month that year. A 50 – foot garbage fell on their houses at the height of torrential rains.
2. On August 3, 1999, heavy torrential rains caused a landslide that killed 58 people and buried over 100 houses at Cherry Hills Subdivision in Antipolo City.
3. On July 16, 1990, an earthquake that registered 7.7 on the Richter scale killed 1,700 people, injured 3,000 individuals and displaced 148,000.
4. On July 2, 1993, a pagoda carrying hundreds of Catholic devotees during the annual pagoda festival in Bocaue, Bulacan sank into the muddy Bocaue River. It was the start of the Hungry Ghost Month of that year.
5. The ABC-5 news team tragic vehicular accident that killed all 3 passengers happened during the Hungry Ghost Month.

Elsewhere in the World:

1. The 9/11 tragedy occurred during the very last day of the Hungry Ghost Month in 2001.
2. Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed’s tragic car crash happened August 30.
3. The collapse of China’s Hunan Bridge coincided with the collapse of the 40 year old interstate highway bridge spanning the Mississipi River in Minnesota, USA.
4. Perhaps the most dreadful moment for Kenya happened in 7 August 1998 when an innocent-looking truck drove up to the then US embassy planted a powerful bomb. More than 200 people were killed in its wake.

THE LIST DOES NOT END THERE. On a smaller scale, a doctor friend who practices in prestigious hospitals in Makati and Quezon City, privately admits that the month of August registers the highest deaths; including the most number of suicides. In addition, she wryly notes that it’s also the time when the hospital staff complains of ghost sightings – not November 1.

But medical and natural calamities aside, businessmen and financial traders also have reason to be wary of the Hungry Ghost Month. An interim report of the country’s economy would reveal that real estate industry and stocks go down during August.

It is said that during the Hungry Ghost Month (which always falls on August; but can also start middle of July, in which case it will end mid August, or if it starts mid August, it will end mid September)the souls of the dead, specially the ones that are in hell, are allowed to roam the earth freely. This signals the only time when they’re allowed to eat since they were deprived of food during the rest of the year.

It’s believed that the spirits visit their relatives during this season and sometimes they wreak havoc to the ones who wronged them while they were still alive.

For this reason, Chinese belief decrees that people refrain from moving houses, signing contracts, getting married, traveling, and sometimes from giving birth (if possible) during the Hungry Ghost Month because it is believe to bring extremely bad luck.

COINCIDENT COINCIDENCES? You have to realize that before all this I didn’t believe in the Hungry Ghost Month or Feng Shui. Not until last year when I was personally beset by problems that fell during – you guessed it right – the Hungry Ghost Month.

One of my Production Assistants stole a substantial amount from the network and because of this, stopped going to work altogether. Of course as her superior, I was held accountable for the money she owed. And just like the Lemony Snicket novels, a series of unfortunate events played out. The biggest of which is having my boss feel threatened by my performance. With my career hanging on the line, each time I dealt with him, I admit that it’s one of the most difficult dilemmas that I’ve ever been in.

Probably tired of my ranting and concerned for my well-being in equal measure, a friend suggested that I consult a Feng Shui expert. Ever the skeptic, I told him that with the amount of money that they charge for a consultation and the amulets that they will sell I might just as well pay for the missing money.

But much to my chagrin, my friend still persisted and volunteered to tell all my concerns and to consult with Joy Lim of Charms and Crystals. Yes, the very same person whom several showbiz personalities such as Kris Aquino and Korina Sanchez repeatedly attribute much of their luck (and colorful jewelry) to.

I have nothing personal against Joy, in fact, I gathered, right from our first meeting, that she’s a very nice person. And true to her name, she exudes a gentle aura of peace that reluctantly bought a smile to my face. Despite my reservations, the next thing I know, Joy and I were walking hand in hand (Yes, if you get to meet her don’t be surprised that she hold hands with you right away! Of course, without malice!); with her suggesting some charms and then bringing me to her store in Robinson’s Galleria.

When we got to the store she handed me a nice looking charm and said it will cure my problem. I politely declined and told her that I don’t believe in Feng Shui. I started to apologize about my friend who bothered her with my problems. However, she was really insistent and told me that she is giving it to me for free. I can see the sincerity in her eyes when she told me: “I want to extend the blessing that I’ve received to you.”

I then reluctantly accepted the charm, wore it, and made a mental note that I will take it off when I get home. But when I got home I was told by my siblings that the bracelet I was wearing is beautiful; so I just decided to keep wearing it.
A week after I was given the charm, my jealous boss resigned from work. And barely recuperating from the relief that incident bought, the Production Assistant who stole money showed up said she was really bothered by her conscience and promise to return the money little by little.

Whew! I became a convert. You see, I believe I became a victim of the Hungry Ghost Month, but Feng Shui through Joy Lim of Charms and Crystals, has helped in changing the negative energies into positive ones.

In fact, according to Joy to avoid the negative energy of the Hungry Ghost Month we must observe the following:

1. Wear something bright. A happy color will help repel negative energies.
2. If you need to stay at a hotel it will be good if you place a bowl of rock salt beside your bed.
3. Try not getting married but if you have already booked a date then wearing a rukriste with Kwan Yin (bride) and a mantra with lotus dzi bead (groom) – these will dispel negative energies.
4. All houses must have a Wei Tuo, a Chong Kwei or a Kwan Kong. Wei Tuo is a very famous Taiwanese Buddhist god who according to legend was the one who fought all the demons when Buddha died. He was also the one who was assigned to be one of the protectors of Kwan Yin. But remember you need to be very careful in choosing your gods, because their face must connote power and godliness. Joy chooses each and every Wei Tuo, Chong Kwei and Kwan Kong that she has in her store.
5. This year I got from Joy a singing Kwan Yin. Let me clarify that this doesn’t really sing. But it has a recorded 3 different Lam Hay prayers. (Lam Hay is like the mecca of Taoist Buddhist in china). Playing the singing Kwan Yin just thirty minutes a day during the duration of the Hungry Ghost Month is said to dispel all negative energies and those prayers will also bestow blessing within the house or office.
6. She also has a number of charms for the Hungry Ghost Month. Some of the must-haves include the ruby (rubilite) with Kwan Yin and the cinnabar charm. Those charms with their bright colors are especially helpful for mothers and for pregnant women. It is also good for women who work in the media or in the field of communication and/or who does a lot of communication.
7. For businessmen, wearing the dragon crystal quartz with the number 8 made of a semi precious stone will help dispel bad business decisions. It is also very good for people who are into sales.
8. For health, the lotus with mantra dzi beads on a string of petrified wood will definitely bring good health despite the Hungry Ghost Month. Unlike all other charms which according to Joy should not be worn in the hospital, this particular charm can be worn inside the hospital.
9. For students, and for those who work late wearing the Kwan Yin and Sword Dzi bead in a petrified wood is very helpful. This is also helpful for people who need to travel a lot because of their work.
10. For love, wearing the ruby with Kwan Yin and and the cinnabar charm for the wife and smoky quartz with a special dzi bead for the husband is also very good. These items will not only help dispel negative energies of the Hungry Ghost Month from the couple; but from the whole family as well.
11. In the olden times, according to Joy and my research, people actually uses sandal wood (not only as an incense but also as a perfume) and pomelo (also to dispel negative energies and spirits). However, we are lucky that Joy has bottled the essence of sandal wood and pomelo and made it to colognes. They will dispel negative energies and spirits.

However, it must be noted that it seems every where you go there is a crystal bracelet that is supposed to bring good luck and protection. Joy keeps quiet about this, but based on research not all crystals are good.– especially if those charms came from people with negative energies/thoughts. You have to be careful where you get your charms. You have to know where their source is. Some people are only in it for business.

As for Joy Lim, she always reminds me that these are gifts from our Creator, but this shouldn’t replace hardwork, positive thinking, and faith in the Supreme Being.

Hungry Ghost Month started last August 20, 2009 and will end on Sept. 18, 2009. The feast day is on Sept. 3, 2009.

For those who wants to get their protection you can call 7422597, 4139112, 7425819.


The difference between Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter and Santino is that Santino, at least the movie, touches the heart. Tonight, in ABS-CBN’s ‘May Bukas Pa’, AiAi delas Alas once again proved that she is not just a comedienne but more important she truly is a very good versatile actress.

And of course, Arlene Muhlach has proved that she is also a very good actress.


I believe ABS-CBN’s teleserye ‘Tayong Dalawa’ which stars Gerald Anderson, Jake Cuenca, Kim Chiu, Agot Isidro, Cherry Pie Picache, Gina Pareno, Coco Martin, Jody Sta. Maria, Alessandra de Rossi, has been extended far too long and it is starting to sacrifice the quality. They should have ended it while they were on top.

If you have followed my blog you’ll see that I’m a fan of the teleserye, but I think extending the already extended ‘Tayong Dalawa’ is already ruining the legacy of the show.


The Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili Video Scandal continues to unfold with new twist. The plot thickens as talks about it shifts from the actual video to as who really is the master mind in leaking the said video.

The past few weeks saw the filing of cases of Katrina Halili against Vicki Belo, Hayden Kho, Eric Johnston Chua, and Bistek Rosario.

Eric Chua also came out to say that while he doesn’t know who leaked the tape, he added that he knows for a fact that it is only Vicki Belo who has the only copy of the sex scandal video.

However, this afternoon, in GMA’s Startalk, Atty. Adel Tamano mentioned that there are a lot of inconsistencies in Eric Chua’s statement.

But to make the story more exciting. An audio recording of what is supposedly a meeting of Vicki Belo, Hayden Kho, Atty. Lorna Kapunan, Lolit Solis, and Remy Herman a crisis publicist came out.

If you want to know more about the audio recording you can check the Philippine Entertainment Portal.

On top of that Quark Henares, Vicki Belo’s son has come out to say that Eric Chua has mentioned to him in passing in a bar that he tried to sell the celebrity scandal videos (sex videos) of Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili to ABS-CBN, but he supposedly changed his mind because he was only offered Php 200,000.00.

In recent years, we saw a lot of celebrity scandals, different pinay scandal(s) or pinoy scandal(s). Before the Hayden Kho scandal, in Asia also, there’s the Edison Chen Scandal. The ultimate difference is that I believe Edison Chen handled his case really well.

Edison Chen Scandal

Edison Chen Scandal

Edison Chen is a Very Good-Looking Hong Kong Actor.

Edison Chen is a Very Good-Looking Hong Kong Actor.

He is also a businessman

He is also a businessman