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Luis ‘Lucky’ Manzano’s Taxi

I’m really not sure whether people knows about this already but the lucky son of Vilma Santos and Edu Manzano, Luis Manzano has 17 units of taxi. Obviously he is already investing hard earned money for a better future.

Picture grabbed from Google Image

Picture grabbed from Google Image

But it is really sad that I found out about his business in a less than ideal situation. :Last Dec. 11, 2008, on my way home from Makati to QC, where I live, I hailed a cab. Everything seems to be going well until along Quirino Ave. I noticed that the meter showed Php 145.00. Well, I always take a cab and its a little too high. Usually in that area it should only be about Php 100.00. I called the attention of the driver, and as far as I’m concern my tone if voice was polite. But the rude driver said, ‘Wala kang magagawa, yan ang sabi ng metro eh, yan ang bayaran mo.’

To make the long story short we entered into an argument, and I told him that I’m a member of the press and will complain about what happened. He then said, ‘Kahit pa kanino ka magsumbong eh si luis manzano naman ang may ari nito,’

‘Hmmm…’ I thought,’Si Luis pala ha.’ I then decided to call Edu Manzano. Unfortunately, he didn’t pick up the phone.

Funny man, good host, Edu Manzano

Funny man, good host, Edu Manzano

I then decided to call Ogie Diaz. I told him the situation and he called Luis. As it turn out its true that Luis owns the taxi.

Ogie said, Luis promised to deal with the driver. However, truth be told I really don’t know what happened after that.

I just want to make it clear. I really believed that Luis has nothing to do with the kalokohan of the driver. I just hope that he’ll take care of it. Ang pangit naman kung ito pa ang sisira sa kanya.

My suggestion is he should also talk to whoever manages his taxi business and tell that person to make sure that their meter works perfectly fine.

It’s unfair that we get ripped of our hard earn money.

Luis, hope you get to read this. What happened?


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  1. what’s his taxi name?

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