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Veteran, well-respected talent manager Douglas Quijano has passed away this morning.

This is a sad news for the whole movie industry. Quijano is one of the few very well-respected talent manager in Philippine entertainment industry.

Some of his talents are Richard Gomez, Jomari Yllana, Anjo Yllana, Gelli de Belen, Lucy Torres, Joey Marquez, Antonio Aquitana, Wendell Ramos and a whole lot more.


Johnny Delgado is Back!

He has been appearing in ABS-CBN’s ‘May Bukas Pa’ for a few weeks now. I must say, although I know that Johnny Delgado is a good actor, he still amazes and mesmerizes me with his superb acting.

I really like the part when he was about to hit the two kids with a belt, and Santino begged for mercy. Feeling the pity for the child he didn’t hit them with the belt. But his character who is unaccustomed to feeling pity was really surprised with himself. That look of anger with wonder that he showed was really great. That face said a thousand thing. He is really just GREAT.

More importantly, its really nice to see him back on TV. Hope he can continue touch people lives through his character.


Eric Jhonston Chua the guy who Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo is accusing of to have released the sex videos has come out and said that he believes it was Belo herself who leaked the tape.

He said that he is sure that Belo has kept some copy.

Meanwhile, Katrina Halili tested negative from the urine drug test. But that does not say anything, because drugs is not traceable in our urine after 8 days of not using drugs. They should test her blood and/or hair.


I don’t know yet as to who will I vote for next year because nothing is final until they’ve (the politicians) filed for candidacy.

But even before the commercial of Mayor Jejomar Binay, I was already hoping that the whole Philippines is like Makati in terms of service.

Free Hospitalization.

A lot of services.

Another one that I’ll certainly vote for because he is a silent worker is Mayor Sonny Belmonte.

The Philippines will surely become a better place if we have both of them.


Rumors are persistent that KC Concepcion is also part of the Hayden Kho sex videos.

Sabi nila nung nalaman ni Sharon na kasama si KC sa video ay sinampal daw nito ng husto si KC. Well, as of now this is just rumors.

This blogger is one of the few people who had the courage to talk about the other side of KC.

See link:

But then again a sex video is totally different thing. Let’s not judge her now.



That’s what I can say regarding the Senate hearing of Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili! I don’t get it why do they have to have their own version of the scandal.

Why do a hearing that’s open to the media if its just in aid of legislation and why are the questions leans towards controversy.

Needless to say, I don’t know whether to believe Katrina Halili’s denial that she didn’t notice the camera and that she doesn’t use drugs.

Remember, when this first came out several months ago? With a very straight face she said that she didn’t have a relationship with Hayden Kho and that there is no video and that she’s ok with Vicki Belo.

None of those turn out to be true.

Senator Bong Revilla who scrambles for a question. Stop the grand standing.

Please stop involving Maricar Reyes, she has already made a statement that she does not want to be involve with the circus. Let’s respect her privacy. Please stop dragging her name more. That’s a scandalous act in itself.


Through her lawyer, Vicki Belo admitted that she has a sex video with Hayden Kho.

Meanwhile, Hayden’s ex-friend has already come out to deny allegations that he was the one who leaked the videos on the net.


Hayden Kho, Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes, Vicki Belo and all the other girls who are in the video can breathe a temporary sigh of relief.

Sharing the entertainment headline in Richard Gutierrez’s accident this morning. He is ok other than having 10 stitches. the sad thing though is that his PA died in the accident.

It was reported that Richard came from his shooting for Zorro when it happened.


I’ve been getting a lot of request to share the video of Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho.

However, I decided not put it here on my site, neither am I putting a direct link.

The reason? Because I want to protect the other girls in the video from further humiliation. Maricar Reyes, is a victim. She was in love with Hayden when the video was taken, and it was pretty obvious that she didn’t know that they were being video taped.

Katrina Halili on the other hand is a different matter. While I believe that she didn’t know that she was being video taped, I think the mere fact that she entered into a relationship with a man who is publicly attached (to Vicki Belo) screams that she is ‘not that innocent’. To top it off she is an endorser of Belo, and from what I know from Vicki Belo, she takes care of her endorser and she is very generous to them.

Going back to Maricar, I really think that she’s an innocent victim here. She was in loved with Hayden. I just hope that she’ll be able to get through this, specially her family. I hope that they’ll be able to get through this storm.

I am specially worried about her mom. I understand she has a heart condition. Maricar is also the only girl if I’m not mistaken. Hope they’ll be able to get through this.

Now for those who are insisting to see the video…Well, I really can’t share it. But within this blog I’ve places a clue.


Well, the title is not exactly true. A lot of men really love the scenes.

But there is no denying that there are a lot of men and women who watches the movie just because of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. They are both really HOT!