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Katrina Halili Admits Relationship with Hayden Kho.

Now that Hayden Kho has admitted to the public that he had had an affair with Katrina Halili, Katrina was left with no choice but to sing a different tune, or in her case act a different drama.


She now admits her affair with Dr. Hayden Kho, but clarified that the Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo break-up was caused by a number of reasons that has snowballed and not just about her affair with Hayden.

She begs for the forgiveness of the public and added that ‘tao’ lang naman daw siya.

The question is why does she have to lie in the first place? Personally, I think an apology that comes after the obvious fact that you can no longer deny something then it is an apology that came really late.

Katrina also clarified that there is no sex video that exist.

With regards to Kris Lawrence, Katrina said that she has told Kris about her affair with Hayden, and that’s the reason why Kris seems indifferent regarding the Hayden – Vicki _ Katrina scandal.

One Response to “Katrina Halili Admits Relationship with Hayden Kho.”

  1. see all the complete set of the hayden kho, katrina halili, maricar reyes, ruffa mae quinto, vicki belo, mariana del rio samba girl scandals @ link above

    hinay-hinay lang po sa pagdownload 🙂

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