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Kris Aquino and James Yap Temporarily Separated? Can Feng Shui be the Answer?

Kris Aquino admitted in The Buzz that they are temporarily separated because of a girl name Mayen Austria (who happens to live in the same subdivision – Valle Verde). She has temporarily moved in to the house of one of her sisters with her children.

She clarified that her confrontation with the Mayen’s mother was civilized and that she never raised her voice. That’s contrary to the report that came out in Inquirer. At one point during the interview she even apologize to Mayen’s mother because she said she acknowledges that Mrs. Austria was also an unwilling victim and was only involved because she happens to be the mom.

However, when she talked about Noynoy she obviously got emotional although she was really trying to control it. But she clarified that she is only going against the ethics rule of ABS-CBN that prohibits her from talking about Noynoy because she is involve. She clarified that Noynoy never condone any of her acts which Noynoy deems ‘immoral’, and she in so many words said that Noynoy is conservative in some aspects of life. She is obviously angry when she clarified that Noynoy should not have been dragged to the issue because it was a domestic issue and not a national concern. She also wondered as to why is that people came to know about the incident even if they were in an exclusive subdivision and was only talking to the mom and Mayen, when the latter joined them.

Kris clarified that the separation with James is temporary but that it could lead to a more permanent separation depending on how James reacts to the situation.

For a Feng Shui believer like me I think she should consider consulting her Feng Shui consultant for this. It was rumored that she has ‘temporarily’ moved to another consultant. My friend Joy Lim again just smiled when I asked her this and refuse to deny nor confirm the industry rumor.

Talking about Joy Lim of Charms and Crystals. I’m very happy to announce that another very good Feng Shui Expert that I consult, Jeff Co, has just recently started his own blog here in wordpress.

Jeff Co, for me is one of the best Feng Shui expert, if not the best. He is not famous with the general public only because he is a very private person and likes to keep his personal life private. He doesn’t really enjoy fame.

However, when it comes to his Feng Shui skills, I think he really is one of the best. he has consulted for several politicians and celebrities. He doesn’t want to share who they are but I once saw him picked up by a politican who happens win all the office he has run for. He also consults for a lot businessmen, one of which is an owner of a mall chain. But more than that a lot of people consult him for their personal life and for their relationship problems like love life.

Unlike other Feng Shui experts, his approach is very personal and he needs to count your Bazi which involves a person birthdate and time. He doesn’t prescribe generic Feng Shui charms but instead make one or suggest one that is really appropriate for you. Don’t get me wrong Joy Lim does this also but Jeff Co is stricter about this, and I believe both Joy Lim’s and Jeff Co’s charms both works really well.

Jeff who trained in China and Tibet has started his blog upon the persistent, not so gentle(Joke!), request of his friends and clients. He is also now making himself more available to the general public.

For those who wish to consult Jeff, you can leave a comment with your number here and I’ll forward it to him. You can also check his blog site which is . Again he just started so he only has written a few things, but I must say very substantial.

So I think Kris if you really have to change Feng Shui go to Jeffrey Co!

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