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Is Vicki Belo the Culprit?!

Eric Jhonston Chua the guy who Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo is accusing of to have released the sex videos has come out and said that he believes it was Belo herself who leaked the tape.

He said that he is sure that Belo has kept some copy.

Meanwhile, Katrina Halili tested negative from the urine drug test. But that does not say anything, because drugs is not traceable in our urine after 8 days of not using drugs. They should test her blood and/or hair.

One Response to “Is Vicki Belo the Culprit?!”

  1. i am pretty sure vicki belo is the CULPRIT… for the simple reason that is to have hayden back diba?… she is so GAGA with hayden… eto namang si adel tamano, ang lawyer na guapo, dont tell us that this does not cross into his mind as a lawyer… diba yung mga comments ni vicki to the girls in the video, “not to flirt to boys na taken na”?… so her intention then as a mastermind in uploading those videos is to make PAHIYA the girls, then shoulder to cry on naman for hayden… syempre san pa pupunta si hayden, eh di kay mama vicki, hehehehe!… well this is not my sole opinion but of most sane people around..

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