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Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili Sex Video!

I’ve been getting a lot of request to share the video of Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho.

However, I decided not put it here on my site, neither am I putting a direct link.

The reason? Because I want to protect the other girls in the video from further humiliation. Maricar Reyes, is a victim. She was in love with Hayden when the video was taken, and it was pretty obvious that she didn’t know that they were being video taped.

Katrina Halili on the other hand is a different matter. While I believe that she didn’t know that she was being video taped, I think the mere fact that she entered into a relationship with a man who is publicly attached (to Vicki Belo) screams that she is ‘not that innocent’. To top it off she is an endorser of Belo, and from what I know from Vicki Belo, she takes care of her endorser and she is very generous to them.

Going back to Maricar, I really think that she’s an innocent victim here. She was in loved with Hayden. I just hope that she’ll be able to get through this, specially her family. I hope that they’ll be able to get through this storm.

I am specially worried about her mom. I understand she has a heart condition. Maricar is also the only girl if I’m not mistaken. Hope they’ll be able to get through this.

Now for those who are insisting to see the video…Well, I really can’t share it. But within this blog I’ve places a clue.

20 Responses to “Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili Sex Video!”

  1. True kawawa si maricar reyes. pero si katrina halili alam niyang bf ni belo si hayden bakit siya pumatol sa kanya.

  2. can’t the video be really seen? I’m just so curious, why does that video was so controversial? what’s in it? I just hope you could have help me see it.

  3. di naman yata tama sabihin na kawawa si maricar at kasalanan ni katrina ang mga nangyari sa kanya. im sure maricar was also aware that hayden is vicky belo’s boyfriend. all of these girls are victims. si hayden ang dapat katayin! pervert!

  4. pumatol ako kse akala ko maganda yung kakalabasan nang relation namen ni haiden kho pero d ko alam na ganto pala ang kakalabasan at sana magbayad talaga yung gumawa dito

  5. True! I feel sorry for maricar reyes. but katrina halili? ha! she’s nothing but a lowly bold star. I dont feel sorry for her at all. She deserves what she is getting if she can have sex behind the back of a woman who is also her sponsor. shame on her! moreover, shame on hayden. my gosh! he’s a no good lowlife as well.

  6. though i agree that katrina should not have entered the “illicit relationship” given that vicki belo nurtured her, having the video exposed publicly and putting her in a very shameful manner is not acceptable.

    kahit naman sinong tao, may karapatan sa kanyang privacy lalo na sa usapang sex kung saan taboo pa rin sa kultura natin ito. (pero common secret na talamak ang illicit sexual acts may asawa ka man o wala…)

    i dont think katrina deserves this kind of humiliation. i admired her for standing corrected amidst her own mistakes, even it caused her her dignity and much shame.

  7. What both of them did was very dirty.Promiscuous.I condemned the act.But, no one deserved what they did in private be shown in public (porno only do that).I don’t know what droved Hayden to do that.There must be something wrong with the brain.On the other hand Katrina knows that Hayden has a girlfiend. Why? why then did she let herself get involve with someone whose product she is endorsing.She knows Doc. Viki Belo and she betray that trust.My goodness, are there so short a guy that she has to steal someone else boyfriend.It show one’s moral values.To whom it may concern, pls. pls. to not engage in any sexual act other than your husband.To those who are trying to help Katrina pls. make sure that you are not taking advantage of the situation right now in order to boost your popularity for a free campaign.Also make sure that you are clean before you accused Hayden(make sure that you did not do what he did).Or else it will turn back to you.
    To doctor Viki Belo try to live a clean life. Be realistic and stick to your age (more or less not that big difference pls).We have a GOD who knows what we do in secrets.

  8. Nobody deserve to go through what Katrina did. But, there are consequences to our actions. So, be very careful what we do. The entertainment world are not giving us a good example. Pre-marital sex is rampant in and out of the entertainment world now.Please give me a good example in the entertainment world a person who has good moral values.

  9. I agree with what Jenny said.

  10. It is truly sad that intimate and personal, private matters such as this find their way into the mainstream. Leaking out this type of videos further assaults the young who practically hero-worship these celebrities in the boob tube or in the big screen. I pity Katrina and Hayden though what they might have done is perverse in the minds of many. they could be guilty of this act but definitely, the continous display of what is privately theirs should not be continued anymore by the sex-hungry public. It is an assault to their privacy for the public to fiest on something which is not intended for the public. It is also immoral for the public to seize these vides not because they are outrage by the so-called immorality but rather due to their prurient desires to ingratiate themselves sexually by viewing their tapes or videos. Our politicians are making a terrible mistake at thinking that they can gain media milage or pogi points at the expense of Katrina’s and ayden’s tryist. They are wrong, dead wrong! the public can tell their real intentions and many of them seem not so wellmeaning by digging deeper into this issue. They just want to see more flesh perhaps from these good-looking misdeameanors. Shame on you guys as if you people are never involved at one time or another in your lives with acts like these. Nakakalimutan nyo tunay niyong tungkulin kasi mas mahalaga pa yata sa inyo ang pornographic materials kaysa sa inyong sinumpaang layunin na paunlarin ang bansa at bigyan ito nang kapayapaan lalo na sa Mindanao na kung saan marami nang napupugutan ng ulo pero kayo dyan komportable lang sa mga silya nyo at mas ginugusto pang manood ng videos nila Hayden kho at Katrina Halili. I don’t think that should be your priorities at the moment. No wonder, even in the latest World Competitiveness Report the Philippines has dropped substantially from 40 to rank 43. Mag trabaho naman kayo.

  11. Nobody’s…perfect…all..of..them, its..not ..yet the..end..of the world,we..can always..change, we.. should..not be..judgemental, give..them a..chance,..they are..all if hayden is truly, for..maricar. she’s..truly, madly hayden at that time, for..katrina, its..very hurting, but as responsible..for..our actions, we..dont know..what;;;they are..going through, hayden, maricar, katrina, to the brazilian girl, remember this”’when all, run to God..He..can..always..forgive, people..may for.. a..time..being, but..God..will, always willing to forgive..

  12. dito sa dubai napanood na yung sex video nila at pinagkakakitaan pa binebenta in cd na kat & hay den scum lahat sa dubai nakapanood na kaya nga pasapasa kung totoo na may scum sila pero nung nakita na oonga hanep talaga parang pelikula. wala tayong magawa ganun talaga ang buhay gamitan lang yan. di natin alam kung binayaran ba siya o talagang gusto niya di natin alam. basta ang sa akin parehas silang biktima. una si lalake panlalamang at makasarili, pangalawa si babae nagpaloko sa anong bagay kung hindi pera,pagibig,o dala lang init ng katawan

    ganyan talaga ang buhay may naloloko at may manloloko

  13. I don’t see the videos can you send me the sample videos so, i can make vote and comments.

  14. weird logic. dahil pumatol sa may gf na, kaya wala nang karapatng magreklamo si katrina? dahil di naman siya inosente? aww come on. sino sinira ni katrina? relasyon ni hayden at belo? hindi naman di ba. in fact, hiwalay na sila nung sumabog ang issue. e ang video, sino sinira? hindi lang si katrina, pati lahat ng babaing nasa 40 videos. year 2009 na pero mga utak nyo nasa 1950s morality pa!

  15. Alright people don’t judge if ur not a judge.hehe. Sa akin lang, hindi naman ibig sabihin na kung ikaw yung nagvideo ikaw rin ang nagkalat sa video, diba? Sa tingin ko, ang nangyari dito ay nahusgahan agad si hayden, tsk. kawawa naman. hindi lang si katrina ang biktima sa scandal. pati na rin si hayden kasi ang nangyari ngayon, marami ang sumakay sa isyo kahit in the first place wla talaga solid na evidence na si hayden talaga ang nagkalat sa video. Kung ako lang si hayden kakasuhan ko yung mga taong nagsalita, nagsira, , naghusga at ang yumurak sa career, profession, at pagkatao ni hayden. Masydong libelous yung sinabi ng isang senator sa kanya. ako pa sayo hayden resbakan mo. hindi sa panig ako sayo, akin lang is due process, prove it! wag lang puro salita kasi nagiging kawawa kana pre.tsk. I’m sorry katrina, hindi ka binaboy kasi with consent mo yun. tsk. yan lang muna. ciao!

  16. KATRINA HALILI: You are a pok-pok! Ipokrita ka. Nagmamalinis ka pang puta ka. Wag mong sabihing binaboy ka ni Doctor quck quack Hayden Kho, dahil dati ka nang BABOY!!! Hindi ka biktima, perpetrator ka din ng kalaswahan, kaya you deserve this embarassment. Sino kang pumapatol sa lalakeng may ibang ka-relasyon. Don’t play dumb on us. You deserve to fade into obscurity as a worthless has been. Akala mo sisikat ka pa after this? Nagkakamali ka.

    Malalaos ka na impaktita!

    HAYDEN KHO: Your days of playing doctor are OVER. You are nothing but a trying hard wannabe spoiled brat who wants to play doctor, who happens to have wealthy parents to put you through med school (at natsambahan mong pumasa ha! ang galing mo din magkunwari ano?) but who ultimately just wants the kicks of being called a “doctor” and the high regard society accords doctors. You don’t give a fuck (no pun intended) about patient care, ethics, and all that crap you “learned” from med school; SHAME ON YOU BASTARD. Heto na ang pinapangarap mong pagsikat ng pangalan mo… sumikat ka for all the wrong reasons. Pacele-celebrity ka pang nalalaman, puros kahihiyan lang ang binigay mo sa mga magulang mo. Magsama kayo ng mga balahura mong pokpok, magka-premature impotence ka sana hayop ka.

    LOLIT SOLIS: Punyeta kang tomboy ka. Asal squatter ka talaga. Ang kapal kapal ng mukha mo. Hindi pa nalilimutan ng sambayanan ang kahihiyang binigay mo sa Pilipinas nung ikaw yung nagpasimuno ng film fest scam nung 1993. Ang lakas ng apog mong iharap yang pagmumukha mo sa TV, wala ka namang matinong naidudulot sa mundo. Lahat na lang ng sinasabi mo at sinusulat mo puros kasinungalingan (Lolit:”Nakita ng dalawang mata ko si Sam Milby at Piolo sa pool ng Sofitel!!!” – GAGA KA SINUNGALING!!!). Guaranteed na ang slot mo sa impyerno demonya ka. Ikaw ang isa sa mga dahilan para ikahiya ng mga Pilipino ang kapwa Pilipino niya. I don’t
    know how you still get to sleep at night. Your entire life is a sham you pathetic lowlife!

    BONG REVILLA – you don’t belong in the senate. PERIOD. Napaka-superficial ng mga pinapatulan mong controversies and issues. Seriously, are you really after the welfare of women in this
    country? I doubt that given your own personal background on women. Aren’t you better off at drafting resolutions and laws that would help ensure the progress of our country? Bakit sa mga ganitong kaso mo inaaksaya ang pera ng bayan? You are by no means a qualified arbiter of issues concerning morality, when you yourself take advantage of other women within the sacred confines of your own marriage to Lani Mercado. Alam ng lahat ng tao na may anak ka sa labas. Wag kang mag-malinis. Alam namin publicity stunt mo lang din ito para sa susunod, ‘pag tumakbo ka sa eleksyon may publicity mileage ka na naman. Hindi kami tanga senator.

    Ikaw ang TANGA!

    Sige, pagpyestahan niyo pa ’til the end ang moro-morong ito.

    IRENE KHO (Hayden’s Mom): “Hindi na ko magsasalita…(then babbles on and on and on without reaching any coherent point for 10 minutes)… Hindi na ko magsasalita” – HAAAY mommy! Please lang, yung patutsada mo sa TV Patrol against Lolit, Katrina and Senator Bong kaya mo namang sabihin in a few words. (I would have suggested the expose: Katrina pushed Hayden into drugs, Lolit Solis is the architect and sriptwriter of this scandal and Senator Bong
    was an accomplice. That would have briefly encompassed the entire expose don’t you agree?) Sige na nga, we understand your predicament. Ipagdadasal ka namin bilang isang ina ng isang
    suwail na anak.

  17. Guys, kakaloka tong nabasa ko from tita swarding,……

    Galing ito sa pinagkakatiwalaang source, at hindi basta-basta, huh! Dahil isa itong kilalang source mula sa isang bigating istasyon, huh! Pero siya, hindi niya kayang ibulgar ang aking pahuhulaan sa inyo.

    Alam n’yo kung bakit? Dahil itong si kilalang aktres, akala n’yo ay mala-anghel, lalo na ‘pag kumilos, kumanta at sumayaw. Siguro, nasa kanya na’ang lahat – pera, kasikatan, at kilalang-kilala talaga siya – maging kapangyarihan, meron din siya. Kaya super kilalang-kilala ang aktres na ito. Pati pamilya nito ay kilalang-kilala. Naku, ha?! Nawindang na ako.

    Pero walang takot kong ibabahagi ito sa inyo, ha? Kahit maganda pa siya. Hahaha! Iniidolo rin siya ng mga kabataan. Bonggacious ang babaeng ito, ha?!

    Ngunit kung iyon ang akala ng lahat, nagkakamali tayo. Dahil mala-putik din pala ito. Ang chika nga sa akin ng aking source, sa tindi ng sampal ng nanay nito dahil sa nakarating na may ’sex video’ rin pala ang aktres at si Hayden, halos mahimatay ito. Nakakaloka, ha?! Kahit sino’ng nanay, ‘di ba?

    Ngunit sa tindi ng sampal, at lakas, ayun kaagad na isinugod sa ospital ang nanay nito. Naku, ha? Ngayon, hinahanap na ang ‘video’ para ‘di kumalat, dahil talagang malaking kahihiyan ang aabutin ng pamilya nito, huh! Makati pa sa gabi ang actress na ito.

    sino yan sa palagay nyo? nakakaintriga ha…. may naisip ako si K at sha alng yng naisip ko tlaga na sikat, may position, sikat ang pamilya… hayyy… grabheng chismis ito… nastre-stress pati ako kakaisip kung sino yan.. lol

  18. wawa naman si katrina sa senate hearing,… parang natakot pa sha sa drug test using the hair… bwahaaahaha… yan kasi mang-aagaw ng BF na may BF.. babaeng d marunong rumespeto sa kapwa nya babae at naging kaibigan pa nya ito. hayan nakarma ka tuloy, lalake pa ang d nagbigay ng respeto sau…. grabhe ka talga.. buti nga sau….

  19. true, kawawa clang lahat pero sa nangyayari mas mrami nang naaawa kay hayden. kase msyado na syang inaapi as he said handa nyang panagutan ang ginawa nya dba? pero kung mkapgsalita ang mga tao sa knya daig pa nya ang kriminal. The good thing about hayden is that he’s ready to face the consequences dun sa ginawa nya. sana nman po dahan dahan sa pghusga, kung alam mong may mga kapintasan k rin medyo manahimik k nlang. Hindi ko nman nilalahat pero mrami sa mga lalaki ang gumagawa ng ganon d po b? Ngkataon lng na na-video yung sa knya. Kya sna nman po wag msyadong mging mrahas s knya. Yun lang po thanks!

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