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Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas’ Drama on Wowowee!

Over lunch I was discussing with my brother-in-law, sisters this thing about ABS-CBN’s Korina Sanchez and of course her boyfriend Mar Roxas.

Little did we know that while we were talking about them, Mar Roxas ‘surprised’ Korina in Willie Revillame’s noontime show Wowowee, where she is a special guest co-host.

To make the long story short, Mar Roxas ended crying as Korina Sanchez professes and explains the reason why she is so in-love with Mar.

I can’t help but feel that this is a well orchestrated telenovela. They are doing their version of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson, the only thing that is lacking is a Jake Cuenca, and it would have been a Tayong Dalawa in the afternoon.

Do you think elections has something to do with this?

5 Responses to “Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas’ Drama on Wowowee!”

  1. uiiii tnx 4 this blog!!! its super dooper kilig tlga!!.
    tagos 2 the bones.. well congrats 2 korina and mar..
    kip strong lng!! and im so happy 2 both of u..
    hayyyyyyyyyy kakilig tlaga…

  2. hmmm…kakakilig talaga..i respect them so much..

  3. too political. unreal.

  4. Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas’ on Wowowee – the most disgusting political drama – so far!

  5. I think they’re booth in love…alam naman natin n hindi magpagamit si ms. korina koring pa! sori ha Imasugid akong taga subaybay ky ms. kroina sanchez.. hanga ako sa kanyang mga prinsipyo.
    To both of you, wag kayong magpa apekto sa mga intriga.

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