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The Other Side of KC Concepcion!

The other day, I got a comment from a reader that says that all the things that I’ve written about KC are lies and that it is a smear campaign against her.

It’s not true but I wouldn’t argue about it.

I’ll just share with you a picture which I uploaded from Pinoy Celebrity News.

There is nothing wrong with what she is doing. Its her life. We don’t know what is the context of the situation why she had these pictures. She’s just having fun. But I want to say though that these pictures really showed a side of KC that is not easily seen on TV.

Would also like to remind KC Concepcion that she has a responsibility not only to her parents/family, but to the kids who admires her.

It says its a KC Concepcion Scandal. It’s not but it really shows the other side of KC.


You can also check up the site of Pinoy Celebrity News by clicking on the link below.

6 Responses to “The Other Side of KC Concepcion!”

  1. Oh come on! Stop making a big deal out of NOTHING, and don’t call it a scandal when it’s clearly not! These pictures show nothing but a young girl with some friends, having fun. It’s not like she’s tonguing these guys. The second picture looks like the guy wants to be all over here, but she was clearly caught by surprise!

    Stop making a big deal out of these non-sense pictures, and by all means, please spell check. Your subject/verb matter do not match. It should be “kids who admire” not kids who admires..plural, not singular.

  2. ano b site ng sex video ni kc????

  3. who cares anyway if she has a sex video, or scandal whatever you want to call it. She’s a grown up woman now.
    Let here enjoy her life.
    Stop this non sense.

  4. hey..excuse me huh
    snabi na ngang wla dba..
    and snabi na nga na those pictures ay non-sense..

  5. please stop this non-sense topic

    uu kantutera anak ko ! at laking america sya

    kya ganyan sya aminado sya 10years old plng sya wakwak n sya ok ba

  6. anung scandal jan sa picture??iba namang pictures or video ipakita mo,like ung kay anne curtis puede pa..user ka din,pictures pa ni kc gnamit mo para mapansin etong site mo..To GH,i agree!!

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