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Chopsuey Updates!

First and foremost, I would like to greet my good friend and ‘patron’, Feng Shui to the Stars Joy Lim….Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

As early as tonight a lot of people are already visiting her in Dapitan Charms and Crystals.

Again Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Do continue being a blessing others.

Second update…

People are asking me about the sex addict and serial dater comedienne. I have the whole story already base on the side of the guy. I just want to give the comedienne the opportunity to answer and also I want to confirm whether he is what he says he is.

One Response to “Chopsuey Updates!”

  1. to quote you in your blog last week, “I want to clarify though that we still don’t know Sexy Comedienne’s side of the story. Am still waiting for their response. However, I will post the whole story either within the day or latest tomorrow.”

    and you even promised from your last blog entry that you will post the whole story.

    it’s been two, three, four days, or even longer to post them when all the while we already know that the blind item pertains to Ms. Rufa Mae Quinto.

    Don’t post it as a blind item, or better yet, don’t post the story at all.

    Your blog only has few readers anyway. 🙂

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