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A Reader Complains About KC Concepcion!

Last February I wrote about how people reacted to KC Concepcion’s interview on The Buzz.

Recently, I just received a comment from a Filipino balikbayan from Hawaii…

She wrote the following…

KC is a b***h. we were in ANVAYA COVE vacationing from the states, me an my wife and my cousin were taking videos of OURSELVES when this “KC” came up to us telling us in a “bitchy tone” that she doesn’t want to be videotaped. WE told her straight out that we’re not video taping her. I Didn’t know who she was until my cousin told me. Then she became very plastic and asked for our names. WE kept telling this “famous person” to just leave. what a moron that KC..By the way she was with mark bautista and Sam milby.

I’m not sure whether this story is true or not. I really haven’t read much bad press about her. However, some showbiz insider do shares with me that KC is not the sweet person that she is on TV.

I believe that we should just start admiring people base on their talent. However, having said that, I think stars acts as role models also, specially to kid. They should be careful about how they act in public.

5 Responses to “A Reader Complains About KC Concepcion!”

  1. Here’s another story about KC. A pretty, petite flight stewardess of PAL shyly approached KC Concepcion to take a picture with her. KC told the flight stewardess pointblank “NO!”. Now, isn’t that sweet? Like mother, like daughter.

  2. you are one of those people who hates kc are making stories.never did mark and sam went out with kc.
    who ever wrote this comments are the biggest moron,idiots and bitches..

  3. Is KC part of Kho’s scandal? Wanna know tlaga if she was the one na nablind item

  4. I really adore kc and i really look up to her as a good citizen. Pro i have my sources that she really has a video scandal together with hayden kho. After i heard that, i really wanna punch hayden. Imagine, all those gurls that has a good image in the entertainment industry pumatol sa kanya. Normal lang naman na magkaron ng pre-marital sex, pro if kc really did it with hayden, prang ang pangit isipin, kse hindi naging cla. And maiisip mo b na magagawa din ni maricar ang ginawa nyang love making kay hayden? Kya mas maganda p nga na maging open cla kung ano talaga cla, pra hindi na nasashock ang mga tao. To kc naman, how could you do that? I know if there really is a video of you and hayden making love, masa sad ako. Kse pumatol k s maling klaseng tao. Looks can really be so deceiving tlg. Kung cno p ung mga tingin natin n professional and matitino, cla p ung mga asal-hayop s totoong buhay, just like hayden kho. Kya sa mga artista, sana naman mas mgiging responsible na kayo s mga actions nyo. Though you’re still human ika nga, pro ang mga young generations are really looking up unto all of you. Kung gagawa man kyo ng milagro, be sure na hindi lalabas sa internet, kse kahihiyan nyo and ng mga magulang nyo ang magsasuffer. And sana piliin nyo ang magiging partner nyo, and bka mabulagan kayo masyado s good looks. Un pla demonyo!

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