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Archive for March 5, 2009

A Reader Complains About KC Concepcion!

March 5, 2009

Last February I wrote about how people reacted to KC Concepcion’s interview on The Buzz. Recently, I just received a comment from a Filipino balikbayan from Hawaii… She wrote the following… KC is a b***h. we were in ANVAYA COVE vacationing from the states, me an my wife and my cousin were taking videos of […]

Is Sexy Comedienne a Serial Dater or Sex Addict?

March 5, 2009

It’s been awhile since I last blog. Really busy with a lot of things. However, the past few days I was in constant communication with a guy who has a potential explosive about a sexy comedienne. I’m still trying to put the story together and in the interest of balance reporting I still need to […]