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Joey de Leon to Return to Wow Mali!

Joey de Leon returns to the longest running gag show in the Philippines – Wow Mali!

Wow Mali! is the only show who really made it through the different pathetic regime of ABC5. I think it is largely because of Joey de Leon. At a time where ABC 5 is like patient in a critical condition in a hospital. Wow Mali! continuously serves as its dextrose or life support system.

Joey left the show when ABC 5 was in transition from Tonyboy Cojuangco’s regime to that of the Malaysian ‘investors’.

Now, Joey is going to back to do host the show again. But according to Joey de Leon, his only condition before agreeing on doing the show is that there must be something new.

What’s that new thing? He will have field work and also new types of segment like the Parlor Games.

I think bringing Joey de Leon back to TV5 is a smart decision. Maybe they will be able to bring in the money that they so need once Joey starts doing the show again.

It is rumored that TV5 is still bleeding from money losses. In fact, showbiz insider from upper management said that a lot of this bleeding is cause by old regular employees who are practically useless in the company, and some of them are cause by employees who moved from ABS-CBN to ABC5 a few years ago.

You see, some people who were recruited turn out to be the worst decision of the Tonyboy Cojuangco management did.

According to showbiz insider this is specifically true for the news team. The ones who turn out to be the best hires are Jade Lopez, Ed Lingao, Anne Torres, and Patrick Paez. The rest of the team that were recruited turn out to be useless pigs. Showbiz Insiders from 5 said they turn out to be employees who bleeds the company of money by demanding that they be served expensive foods during meetings.

No wonder, their former company didn’t include them in the case that they filed against Ed Lingao, Anne Torres and the others. Because if for Ed Lingao et al it was bitter separation, theirs were more like-good riddance, here’s 1M pesos as an incentive for pirating them from us-type of reaction.

Going back to Joey de Leon, maybe he can help being in advertisers who according to Showbiz Insiders don’t want to advertise on TV5 because their shows has no moral ascendancy.


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