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Celebrities with Vision.

There are more and more celebrities who are proving that being a celebrity is not all about glamor.

It is really nice to know that there are a lot more celebrities who are using the money or their popularity into good use.

I’m referring to the celebrities who has lend their name for World Vision.

These are Charice Pempengco, Sam Milby, Nikki Gil, Christian Bautista, Miriam Quiambao, Sam Concepcion, and Karen Davila.

Speaking of Karen Davila, she was once again suspended from doing the news because it was said that she made an endorsement again. This time she is endorsing a vaccine. ABS-CBN News has banned their talents,anchors, reporters, from doing endorsements but it was said that Karen did ask for permission. According to Showbiz Insider she has sort of misled the management by saying that it is an advocacy endorsement much like World Vision, however, when the write up came out it turn out to be an vaccine endorsement.

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