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What did KC Concepcion do?

I was not able to watch last Sunday’s The Buzz which is aired on ABS-CBN. However, my friends are all saying that nakakainis daw si KC!

Anong nangyari? Bakit parang ang daming nainis?


One Response to “What did KC Concepcion do?”

  1. KC is a bitch. we were in ANVAYA COVE vacactioning from the states and me, my wife and my cousin were taking videos OURSELVES when this “KC” cameup to us telling us in a “bitchy tone” that she doesnt want tobe videotaped. WE told her straight out were not video taping her. I Didn’t know who she was until my cousin told me. Then she became very plastic and asked our names. WE kept telling this “famous person” tojust leave. what a moron that KC..By the way she was with mark bautista and Sam milby, and those people I knew…

    -Vacationers from Hawaii, “DiT”

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