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Smart Telecommunications Communicates that they DON’T VALUE THEIR CLIENTS!

I’m not the type to rant about a retail store, restaurant, and/or service. I don’t believe that my blog site is a venue for that because this is primarily a showbiz/entertainment site.

However, I just want to say that the past few weeks, I just can’t help but feel that Smart Telecommunications is communicating that they don’t value and care about the convenience of their clients.

First, I understand that there is a worldwide global crisis, and maybe that is the reason why they are cutting down their call center hours. However, I don’t think its fair that when you call their hotline, they will give you a set of instructions and after a series of instructions and pressing of series of numbers, when all you need is to be able to talk to their customer service you will receive a voice recorded message that says their agents can only answer you at a specific time. Worst, sometimes all they tell you through their voice recorded message is that ‘all customer service representative are busy at the moment, please call again later.’ Oh, did I mention that make you listen through their boring ads.

But that’s just not it….

Yesterday, I went to Quezon Ave., Smart Wireless Center to pay my phone bill. When I got their, the guard suggested that if I’m paying in cash I can just do it through their express payment system, which is a MACHINE.

I said I need an official receipt. He then gave me my number. I’m number 3078, and as luck would have it, the window 3 and 4 (that’s the cashier window) is currently serving customer 3074 and 3075. That’s fine, there are two of them and paying bills and processing it shouldn’t take forever. But I was wrong! Forever, it seems, for them to finish their transaction.

Why? Tsismisan kasi ng tsismisan yun dalawang kahera. I pity 3074 and 3075 because I suppose they have to endure the two chismosa, er…sorry cashiers.

While waiting for the two pregnant chismosa cashiers to finish taking care of the pitiful 3074 and 3075 call of nature sets in and I really need to take a pee.

I approached the girl who is in the counter right infront (almost beside) the cashier’s booth and ask her as to where is the rest room. She said its in the other entrance. She referred to the main building’s entrance, I think that the same entrance of Universal Records. So I have to step out of Smart’s office and look for the rest room. The guard of the main building that they don’t have a rest room there and that all the rest room are inside the offices of their occupants.

I then went back to Smart Wireless Center and ask their guard where is the rest room. He then said its in the basement. Hmm…ok, but how do I get there.

You see the rest room is in a not well lighted (at least from where I was, it really seems unlit)carpark. The biggest insult here is that you have to pass by the entrance/exit of the cars going in the carpark. There is NO PEDESTRIAN LANE! IT STRIKE ME AS VERY UNSAFE!

I then ask the guard whether there is no rest room inside the wireless center. He said there is one but CUSTOMERS/SUBSCRIBERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE IT.

I then went in and approach the girl to whom I’ve ask for directions for the rest room. I asked her whether there is a rest room inside the wireless center. She said there’s none. So I then asked her again where is the rest room. She then irritatingly directed me again to the main entrance of the building. I then said that the guard there said that there is no communal restroom and added that there guard directed me to the basement. To which she replied, ‘Eh, hindi ko talaga alam kung saan yun CR. Kung sa basement sabi ng guard baka nga sa basement. Tiisin niyo nalang kung ayaw niyong pumunta sa basement.’

Ah…Miss saan kayo nag c-cr? Bakit hindi pwede doon gumamit ang customer/subscriber niyo?

I decided to keep cool and just wait for my number, all the while enduring nature’s call. After 20 more minutes one of the two pregnant chismosa cashiers (4) pressed a button which called for my number. I approach her and while she’s processing my payment, the other chismosa pregnant cashier (3) finished with her client. But instead of calling for the next client she decided to finish whatever her story. This calls for Chismosa Cashier’s 4′ attention, which means she has to divide her attention between processing my account and 3’s saga. This is where I told them to finish with my transaction first and just finish whatever drama they have in life when there are no other customers. To their credit they just kept quiet.

There! That’s my Smart Quezon Avenue Wireless Center drama.

It’s a long story. But it only says one thing. Smart Communications DON’T VALUE THEIR SUBSCRIBERS/CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS!

By the way, I’ve been a Smart subscriber for 8 years now. My monthly bill ranges from 3,400 to 4,000. In the strictest sense of the word, I should’ve been a valued client.

Mr. Mon Isberto, maybe you can bring this to the attention of whoever is in charge.

2 Responses to “Smart Telecommunications Communicates that they DON’T VALUE THEIR CLIENTS!”

  1. hello there, if only you followed the suggestion of the guard to use the machine, then it would have taken you no more than 10 minutes to pay your bill.

    the MACHINE also gives Official Receipts by the way.

    You can also pay through your mobile phone via smart money. and the OR? it is on your bill too.

    hope this helps and you wont have to endure such call of nature and chismiss drama ek ek ekla varva in the future

  2. truly!!!! had you only followed the instructions…no hassle dear!!!!

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