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Feng Shui Love Secrets!

It’s just about 2 days away from Valentine’s Day.

As early as 2 weeks ago people have been emailing me about Feng Shui love enhancers.

A lot of my readers are asking on how they can enhance love. Their questions very from one to another, depending on how they phrase it, but in the end they all ask about two things only. Finding love and enhancing love.

My blogs about the Feng Shui diva has somehow given my readers the impression that I personally answer these questions. Well, I am not capable of answering these questions but I do call Joy in the most unholy of hours just to be able to get her advice.

So regarding your questions about love here some of the do’s and don’ts of Feng Shui in finding loves.

1. Put a Feng Shui happy couple charm in the Southwest side of your living room and/or bedroom for you to have a happy marriage.

Feng Shui Happy Married/Kissing Couple (Picture is Peg Only)

Feng Shui Happy Married/Kissing Couple (Picture is Peg Only)

2. Put a pair mandarin ducks in the southwest side of your bedroom to find a partner and/or for long lasting relationships.
3. Wear a mandarin duck bracelet charm for good relationships and/or to find love.

4. For those who just had a bad relationship. Wearing a rose quartz will help heal a ‘wounded’ heart.
5. To help you find new love, one can wear a rhodocrosite and rose quartz charm.
6. A pair of Feng Shui charm or any image of swan in your bedroom will help ensure that your partner will stay faithful.
7. For single people. A Feng Shui Dragon and Phoenix charm in the southwest side of your house and/or bedroom will help attract marriage luck.
8. For single ladies, avoid making your room too effeminate that is if you wish to attract a partner.
9. Placing a painting of peony flowers or Feng Shui peony charms will help ensure that you get a good husband or wife.
10. For single men and women, putting an image of a phoenix in the southwest side of your house or bedroom will help ensure a happy relationship with your future partner.
11. Wearing a rose quartz – phoenix charm will invite a good marriage luck.
12. Use pink or red candles or hang a pink/red faceted wishing crystal ball at the southwest corner of your house or room to give romance a boost.

1. Avoid having a restroom in the southwest side/corner of your house and/or bedroom. It will ‘flush’ out love luck.
2. Avoid having a kitchen in the southwest side/corner of your house and/or condominium; you will have a difficult and bothersome relationship.
3. Don’t keep anything that reminds you of your unsuccessful relationships.
4. Don’t have a peach colored room if you’re already married.

In the practice of Feng Shui, there are many formulas such as 8 mansions, and Flying Stars that could help us increase our love luck, improve existing relationship and increase harmony in the marriages. However, very few people know that there are other ancient formula in the practice of Feng Shui and/or Chinese Astrology that could be used also to further enhance love luck and increase marriage luck.

One of these formulas is known as ‘Peach Blossom Luck’.

Unlike other formulas mentioned, Peach Blossom Luck will not affect the whole family or the rest of the people who lives in the place where those love rituals were activated. Peach Blossom Luck is specific to the person who owns the room.

If you were born under the sign of the rat, monkey, or dragon, place an image of a rooster in the west side of your room. It will help if you can have a Tai Pee Chiu charm hanged around the Feng Shui Rooster.


For those who were born under the sign of the Snake, Rooster, and Ox, a red Feng Shui horse on the south side of your room is the secret to finding love. Again hanging a Tai Pee Chiu charm around the horse’s neck will further enhance the love luck that is brought about by this Feng Shui Love Secret.


For Tiger, Horse, and Dog, placing a green Rabbit on the East side of the room will create the love magic. Like the first two, a Tai Pee Chiu charm will help enhance the love luck.


Lastly, for those who were born under the sign of a Rabbit, Boar(Pig), Sheep(Goat), a blue rat on the North side of the room is the secret to finding love. I’m sure you’ve guess it by now, a Tai Pee Chiu charm will help enhance that particular luck.


Also, Charms and Crystals’ Soulmate’s Bracelet will definitely help further enhance your love luck.

Most important of all, you should realize that in order to attract love one must be loving. You cannot always look for love and be very negative, you can’t always look for love and be bad towards other.

You cannot practice feng shui when part of your agenda is to bad mouth somebody else’s belief. You cannot do feng shui and continue to talk, write about how somebody else’s belief is not true. You should know how to respect somebody else’s belief.


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  1. I like your writing, do you write yourself? Do you have time for more writing?

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