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Ryan’s Gain! Oscar’s Loss!

Now that Ryan Agoncillo has, in a way, admitted that there is indeed a wedding with girlfriend Judy Ann Santos is in the works already,(he even said that Mega Star Sharon Cuneta is going to be Matron of Honor), I think it is just best to leave them and respect the couple’s desire to keep it private.

They really haven’t announce the date of their wedding, but showbiz insiders has an inkling of when its going to happen but Ryan has already made clear that there will be no press coverage.

I think for somebody who has shared a big chunk of their personal and private life (especially Juday), they now deserve to have their privacy in this very personal and private special affair.

But knowing Juday, she will definitely find a way to share this momentous event in her life with her fans and supporters. I’, just not sure what. Maybe it will be a pre or post wedding event and/or a TV special.

Incidentally, Ryan’s gains is Oscar’s loss. It was reported that Juday cried over the un-inclusion of Ploning to the Oscar’s. Well, who wouldn’t, but I really believe that it’s Oscar’s loss.


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