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2009 Feng Shui Predictions and Must Have Based on the Flying Star Directions.

I thought that once I’ve posted the Feng Shui Mall Tour of Joy Lim, comments and emails regarding will lessen. However, I’m wrong. The funny thing is there are more questions.

So, after running after Joy for several days she gave me her Feng Shui Flying Star computation.

But before that, I’m sure a lot of you are asking what is Flying Star? Simply put Flying Star is mostly about the different directions and as to what’s the ruling effect of that direction.

Base on the Flying Star principle, there are nine different stars, which fly over different geographical sectors each year based on the rotation of the planet.

It is very important to check the orientation of your home, office, bedroom, main entrance doors, working desks, bed, etc. Why? Because you would want to enhance it if and when you are facing a good direction and you want to put things that will contradict all negativities if and when you are facing a negative or occupying a negative direction.

For this year the lucky directions are the Southeast, Center, South, and Northwest.

The unlucky ones are North, West, East and Northeast.

The so-called neutral direction is the Southwest. When we say neutral it has a potential of being good or bad for you depending on your sign.

Let’s discuss it per directions.

Northwest has the Romance Star. Meaning it will be nice for couples to have their place in the northwest side of the room. Romance star does not only affect couples or singles who wants to have a partner but the romance star basically affects all matters relating to relationship.

To enhance the luck brought about by the Romance Star, it will be nice if one can put a Happy Couple charm, or Mandarin Ducks charm, Seven Star Rose Quartz Tray charm, on the Northwest side of the house and/or bedroom.

Since Joy Lim believes that Feng Shui should not be limited to the people who have the money to buy the charms she also suggested some natural Feng Shui remedies. Natural means these are remedies that one can easily get.

For the Northwest, the easiest cure is to always put flowers (without thorns) on the northwest side of the room and/or house and/or office. Please note though that the flowers must be real and change it once it wilts.

This year the Southwest has the Travel Star. The Travel Star is basically good for those who wish to travel and work abroad. However, the Travel Star also basically controls our health.

To enhance the travel luck, it will be nice to put a Monkey Riding a Horse Charm, Apple Charm, or a Globe Charm.

Unfortunately there is no natural remedy here, but the good news is that any Globe will do and it doesn’t have to be an expensive one.

As mentioned, the Travel Star also affects our health. It will be nice to put a Holy Gourd charm on the Southwest part of our house, office, and/or bedroom.

The natural cure for this is by simply putting water on a fish bowl on the Southwest side of the house. However, remember that you have to change it everyday.

The Prosperity Star is in the Center this year. To enhance this one can put a Tael Charm filled with coins.

The natural enhancer for the Prosperity Star is a bowl of rice with nine pieces of coins.

The Three Killer/Killing Star and Sickness and Backstabbing Star are in the West this year. If your office, work area, or bed is in the area try to move it to a more positive direction. However, if that is not possible, you should be very careful in taking of your health, try to get involve in controversial matters and most specially be very careful backstabbers and/or traitors.

Some of the best remedies here are the image of Kuan Kong, Chong Kwei, and/or Kuan Yin. If your work area is on the West side of the office, it will be a great help if you can wear a Chong Kwei Charm. You can also put a Holy Gourd Charm, and 6 pieces Chinese Antique Coins.

Some of the natural remedies in this area are to put a bowl of garlic and/or a bowl of salt. You must remember to replace them though once they are dirty and/or rotten.

The Disaster Star is on the North. For this direction one can put a Five – Element Pagoda, and a Bell, one can also put a Chong Kwei on this side of the house or office.

The natural cure for the Disaster Star is to fill a jar with rock salt and a piece each of white, red, and yellow candle (unlit). Just leave it there for a year until the next Chinese New Year.

Foe employees who wish to have a promotion, or for students or parents who wants to their kids to be more academically gifted, or for businessmen/entrepreneurs/executives who wants their business to be more progressive it will be nice to have your table/study table work area face the South.

This year the South houses the Promotion and Academic Star. To enhance this star one can put a Monkey on a Horse Charm or a Monkey on an Elephant Charm. A Happy Buddha will also help enhance the Promotion and Academic Star, and a Globe.

Natural cures for this are fresh apples that should be replaced every week(max).

The Southwest houses the Wealth Star in the year 2009. To enhance the Wealth Star, one can put a Dzambala Treasure Box charm, Tsien Ye Charm, and/or Treasure Camel Charm.

The natural cures for this is to put a bowl of salt with rice and 9 pieces of coins. Note though that this has to be change everyday.

The East houses the Robbery Star and Three Killer Star.

To protect oneself from the negativities brought about by this star one can put a pair Pi Yao and/or Five-Element Pagoda Charm.

Again natural cure is to put a bowl of salt which one has to replace every year.

Lastly, the Conflict Star is in the East. The conflict star creates legal issue/concerns. It would be nice to put Wei Tuo and/or Kwan Kong on this side of the house or office.

Natural cure for this is to light a 9 white candles every week and ring a bell 9x on this side every morning.

3 Responses to “2009 Feng Shui Predictions and Must Have Based on the Flying Star Directions.”

  1. i have a flyinchart for 2008 for my house . i want to know new elemt cure for 2009 . my house is built in 1989 facig 142 se

  2. You know, the flying star positions does change every Lunar year (Chinese New Year), but it also changes every Year of Period (every 24 years). That maens that there is actually no general position for flying stars in each individual because this will depend on their Birth Year, Birth Hour, Animal Sign, and most importantly… what their destiny in Ba Zi says about them. For an accurate Fung Soy audit, all this must be taken into consideration using the Luo Pan or Chinese compass. Without this, there is no real Feng Shui. Remember, the bad stars and good stars fly on different positions every year, and actually every month as well. Remedies like statues, figurines and crystals can only do so much to help the real Feng Shui crisis, which is 9 out of 10, the position of the house, its sorroundings—and of course, the destiny of the person which is only revealed through Ba Zi calculation. This is REAL Fung Soy.

    • Agree, that is why she also do house consultations. However, since this is a blog and she is unable to go to each and every one’s house I just write about what can be done, even on a yearly basis. She has warned me about this. But I was the one who insisted to continue writing about it.

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