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Coco Martin’s and Derek Ramsey’s ‘Maalala Mo Kaya’ Performance is Truly Memorable.

I seldom watch ABS-CBN’s ‘Maalala Mo Kaya’, because I’m usually out with family on Saturdays. However, because of work we opted to have dinner at home. After dinner I turn on the TV just when ‘Maalala Mo Kaya’ is about to start.

I was immediately caught up because of Coco Martin. Not because of his good looking face but because his acting immediately caught my attention. He is portraying the story of a gay guy who is attracted to Derek Ramsey’s character.

Coco Martin’s character is not of that a flamboyant gay, but a closet gay guy who is just coming out of the closet, and is attracted with Derek Ramsey’s character.

Unfortunately, I’ve never seen any of Coco Martin’s movie so I was pretty surprised that his acting is really commendable. Coco who is mostly famous in the gay community because of his much talk about frontal and nakedness in most of his indie film actually has talent. I think it is a great injustice for him that he is basically talk about in the same breath with his famous male-to-male kissing scenes and nudity. The Daybreak actor is worth more than that. Coco Martin Naked

However, it was not only Coco Martin who showed great acting. I have seen Derek Ramsey in several TV shows already, and although his acting is not bad, he really hasn’t really showed any outstanding act, well, at least, for me. But I think Derek showed that he can be the next Christopher de Leon. If there is any doubt whether he can act, this time he really showed that acting is one if his greatest talent!

I especially like the part when he is seductive because he really embodies what seduction is, but when he is angry in the scene, you will feel that he really is angry, in fact, you can actually feel his anger, but when the scene called for him to be nice you will also feel like you hope that he is just beside you and that your the person who is receiving that kindness. Most of all, at the scene when he found out about his mom’s illness, you can actually feel the sadness.

Kudos to the director because I think he was able to bring the best out of this two actors. Of course, I think both Coco and Derek deserves more than ratings for their great acting.


7 Responses to “Coco Martin’s and Derek Ramsey’s ‘Maalala Mo Kaya’ Performance is Truly Memorable.”

  1. wow ang bilis naman ng reaction mo…wala pa yatang 1 hr. pagkatapos ng palabas may sinulat ka na agad??? niway…agree ako sa sinabi mo about the 2 lead star of mkk tonite…they are both good actors!!! sana tuloy tuloy ng mabigyan ng projects si coco sa main stream par di na lang panay hubaran at halikan ang pinaggagawa nya sa mga indie films na yan…di ba kasali sya sa tayong dalawa??? good luck to him…btw…napansin mo ba ?? yung gumanap na batang derek…di ba sya yung bida sa lihim ni antonio????

    • actually hindi pa tapos yun show eh nag umpisa na ako mag blog. yes, coco is part of the cast of tayong dalawa. yun batang derek is an abs-cbn actor. unfortunately, hindi ko matandaan name niya. nope, hindi siya yun bida sa antonio.

      thanks for leaving a comment.

  2. Ang ganda talaga ng MMK yesterday nge0n ko lang kasi napanood c coco martin at syempre c derek din. Cguradong mataas na rating ang nakuha nila.

  3. i really took my time watching MMK d2 s middle east. ANg galing talaga ng acting ni coco at ni derek. Coco was just natural in his every move and i was really looking for some loopholes in his portrayal as gay guy kung effective talaga and i must say n very effective sya s gay role; simple and yet convincing. Derek on the other hand was just awesome especially the teasing part n kung saan eh very seductive sya. Bravo!!! to the cast of MMK and to the director. Ang galing2x ng kapamilya. 2 thumbs up 🙂

  4. ei san ko pede mapanood episode na to wahhhh d ko cya napanood eh. d ko rin alam title kya d ko ma search sa net. wla pa me makita sa net eh.. email nyo ako san ko pede mapanood to at ang title.. salamat

  5. It’s nice that there are some few good actors of a new generation, and one of them is Coco Martin. But there are two things that I wish for him: One that he would bring into the mainstream world of showbusiness, the discipline and technique he has earned from indie film making. Second, that he doesn’t fall into the underrated great actors category as those who his precedecessors: Alan Paule, Coco Martin should be an example to young actors who think more of image and talent, hype bigger than talent. If he can make a mainstream project work — bringing to every role a freshness of acting, then he might as well be one of the greatest actors of his generation. But showbusiness is filled with trappings and Rodel may fall into them. May he lead and set the standard and not fall into the one-faced, one-dimensional acting techniques of the current batch of young matinee idols. He IS an ACTOR and has gone where perhaps no great matinee idol would go, exploring roles that showcase his reservoir of talent and technique. It is in people like this that the future of the business lies. Not in a Piolo, not in John Lloyd, not in a Gerald or Jake (my personal opinion). Kudos to you Rodel or Coco! Fare thee well in your craft and journey!

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