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Joy Lim’s Feng Shui Mall Tour!


Since I blogged about Joy Lim and her 2009 Year of Earth Ox Zodiac Forecast, people have been leaving comments and privately emailing me asking several questions regarding Feng Shui as to what they should do with this and that.

Unfortunately, I’m not a Feng Shui consultant. I just blog about Joy Lim and am unable to answer these questions. Although I try to call Joy for her to be able the answer the questions, she is also very busy that I am not able to bother always.

Fortunately, she has Feng Shui Mall Tour. You can see her, consult with her at these tour. She can also prescribed some charms and she’ll be giving her forecast.

The tour date are as follows:
January 17, 2009 (1PM) – SM Fairview
January 18, 2009 (1PM) – SM North EDSA, Annex
January 21, 2009 (1PM) – SM Megamall
January 23, 2009 (1PM) – SM MOA/Mall of Asia.

I’m not sure where is the exact location whether it is at the activity center or at a Charms and Crystals store. Just go to the store and ask them or go to the information center.

One Response to “Joy Lim’s Feng Shui Mall Tour!”

  1. Hi! Do you have Joy Lim’s contact information? I work for a magazine and would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks!

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