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2009 Year of the Ox Must Have Feng Shui Guardian!

The emails that I receive and personal calls that I get from friends about Joy Lim 2009 Year of the Ox forecast are just crazy. The hits that I get about Joy’s forecast even exceeded than that of the Hayden Kho – Vicki Belo – Katrina Halili story.

A number of them are asking what are the must – have feng shui charms for this year. Unfortunately, I’m not equipped to blog about it because it varies from one sign to another. However, Joy Lim’s Charms and Crystals’s website has a list written down.

However, I would like to share with you what are the must – have Guardians for this year.

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Dzambala/Djambala Treasure Box

Dzambala/Djambala Treasure Box

First in the list is the Dzambala (also spelled as Djambala) Treasure Box.

Edu Manazano, once publicly thanked Joy Lim for sending him a Dzambala. He credits his success and number of shows to the Dzambala.

The deity of prosperity “Dzambala” is the highest of 8 levels Bodhisattvas. Dzambala is conceived by Buddha for the practice of generosity. Dzambala provides the opportunity for devotees to sow “Seed Money” so that they will have constant supply of fortune to facilitate their practice of generosity. He is not to be mistaken as worldly god for he possesses remarkable power to free sentient beings from the clutches of poverty and starvation and guides them towards ultimate Buddhahood.

This Dzambala Treasure Box figurine depicts Dzambala in his holiness holding a pear and a rat, facing a treasure box surrounded with auspicious foods such as lettuce (symbolizes the rising of good fortune), lemon (for avoiding spending too much), Garlic (for ushering money making opportunities) and tikoy (for unity and harmonious relationship), as if he is ready to grant wishes this year of the Earth Rat.

Write wishes in a piece of yellow paper using black color pen and fill it with coins coming from the bank, from a rich person/people, from a establishment of opulence. You may also put pictures or cut outs of your dream house, cars, jewelry etc. and place the paper inside the treasure box. Here Djambala is depicted holding a rat which in Tibet symbolizes wealth, this is the year when Djambala works at his best. Start now, don’t miss this opportunity. Best place is at the Southeast area of your home or in your wealth direction based on your birthday. You may pour water on his head once a month to bring more wealth and to make your wishes come true fast.Generosity is the mainvirtue gained in this practice. In general, whatwe give is what we receive.The more giving we become, the easier tit is for happiness and prosperity to find their way to our doors.

Chung Kwei/Chong Kwei

Chung Kwei/Chong Kwei

The Guardian Chung Kwei depicted holding a sword and standing in a protective position in preparation to counter any harm and evil encounter is best to be placed in homes facing the maindoor to scare off harmful spirits, people of bad intention, areas with poison arrows and shar chi, evil stars such as 5-Yellow and scare off ghosts. He has the unusual capability to control our environment from harmful forces and loss of wealth.

His fierce look on this figure makes him a potent figure for protection and most suitable to be displayed as guardian. Also highly recommended for those who are doing jewellery and businesses that involves expensive goods for protection. This value-for-money vintage style artistic masterpiece made of ceramic (strong earth element suitable for Period Eight) is definitely going to spice up your space. The masterpiece would also be a very suitable gift to managers, corporate leaders, close friends and relatives.

Joy gave me a Chung Kwei last year, and it has been one of my favorite Feng Shui guardian since then. I can personally attest to the fact that it works. I also got one for a friend who’s a franchisee of a convenience store. In the first year of their operation they were robbed thrice, the third is the worst because one of their cashier was hurt.

I decided to get a Chung Kwei and give it to her. She placed it in their convenience store, although Joy doesn’t require it, I told my friend to light a incense for Chung Kwei at least once a week. Needless to say, she didn’t have any robbery since then, on top of that, her trusted employee resigned. Why is that good? Because after her trusted employee left, they found out that she has been stealing from them.

Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha

Another Feng Shui guardian that I have special affinity with is the Medicine Buddha. I was always sick last 2008, and the doctor seem can’t find as to what is wrong with me. Joy sent me a Medicine Buddha, and voila, the doctors found out what’s wrong with me.

Medicine Buddha has made a vow to help those who call upon him when ill or injured, and to aid those who revere him to achieve a long and healthy life. As Amitabha is the Buddha of the Pure Land of the Western Paradise, the Medicine Buddha is the Buddha of the Pure Land of the Eastern Paradise.

Tsien Ye

Tsien Ye

Here “Tsien Ye” is depicted standing beside a bag of taels and coins while holding a fan and an abacus in his hands as if he is preparing for prosperous business activity (such as counting money) for the coming year. Place this image properly in your home and place of business to usher tons of windfall luck into your life this coming year, the year of the “Earth Rat”. And you will be surprise when blessings pours from various sources, even from sources you least expected.

Wei Tuo

Wei Tuo

Another one of my favorite Feng Shui guardian is Wei Tuo. Last year, as far as I know, Charms and Crystals is the only Feng Shui shop that carries Wei Tuo. For the Chinese Taoist – Buddhist who frequents Sheng Guan Temple in Narra, Manila, Wei Tuo is the Chinese saint that faces Quan Yin. It is said that Wei Tuo is one of the trusted guards of Quan Yin. It is also said that Wei Tuo once went to hell to retrieve a special book for Buddha.

General Wei Tuo, or the Bodhisattva Skanda, is widely recognized as one of the eight divine protectors in Chinese Buddhism. He is very familiar with his majestic coat of armor and his palm resting on the hilt of his mighty sword.
Prior to entering Nirvana, the Buddha blessed the general and asked him to protect the Buddha Dharma. Buddha then died, and General Wei Tuo fought off all evil spirits and demons. Soon after, he successfully recovered the relics of Buddha. The God General is highly regarded as the unwavering, faithful servant of Buddha while protecting Buddhism treasures and objects of the Dharma.

Dzambala Feng Shui Water Fall

Dzambala Feng Shui Water Fall

This charm exerts very powerful forces to manifest ultimate good luck due to its auspicious number “8”. The 8 Eyes represent 8 magical realms in the heaven and pacifies 8 types of harm to gain entry to the right path. It will bring turn-around luck from bad to good for everyone during this Period of 8 .It blesses the owner with monetary gains, wealth, good fortune and abundance. Also suitable to bring gambling luck, with the Green Tara, Goddess of love and beauty, removes obstacles, fears and worries. Turning all evil intentions into good. Her mantra is a wish- fulfilling mantra. At the bottom is the Jambala Buddha, God of Wealth, holder of treasures and jewels and saints of numerous wealth holding takshas. A great protector. Bestower of Supreme attainments. Also said to like water running over him to enable him to attract more wealth. What a perfect charm to start the year!

Another friend got himself a Dzambala Feng Shui Waterfall, and his bake shop business is doing great, as opposed to the fact that he almost closed it down before he got the Dzambala Feng Shui Waterfall.

I believe all these are available in all Charms and Crystals store, but you may also call (02) 7422597.

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