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Daddy Jun Magdangal Confirms Jolina’s and Bebong’s Break-Up! :-(

I was just on the phone with Daddy Jun and he confirmed reports that Jolina Magdangal and boyfriend Atty. Albert ‘Bebong’ Munoz has indeed decided to break – up.

Daddy Jun who has very nicely answered my call even it’s already 9PM, is unable to give details because Jolina haven’t really shared details with her family.

According to Daddy Jun, they respect their daughter’s wish to keep it to herself first. He added that he knows that Jolina will talk about the break – up as soon as she is ready with it. He is also unable to give a date when did Jolens and Bebong decided to break – up but he did confirm that it was before Christmas. Bebong is now in the US.

Meanwhile, when I asked for Jolens emotional state, Daddy Jun said that she is outwardly ok, but added that he and the rest of her family knows that she is hurting. Nevertheless, Daddy Jun added, Jolina is a strong lady and he knows that she will survived this break – up.

However, Daddy Jun said that he and his wife are also sad when they heard about the break – up, because they have grown to love Bebong already, but he quickly added that they respect Jolen’s decision.

I hate that I have to write this piece, because I personally know Jolens although I’m not particularly close with her. I know that she is a very nice and humble person and I know that she must be hurting right now. It is indeed a sad new year for her and her family, and I’m sure with Bebong as well.

Jolens, Bebong, my prayers are with you.

But I would like to add that the past few days Jolens has managed to show how professional she is. It’s not obvious that she is already hurting inside and has continuously manage to remain bubbly during her hosting stint in Unang Hirit and SOP.

In fact, in an interview with PEP about a month ago, when she was asked about the Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo wedding she still bubbly answered,”…Magandang balita yan kaysa naman mabalitaan natin hiwalay na sila.”

Jolina Magdangal and Bebong Munoz

Front Row: Jolina Magdangal and Bebong Munoz

One Response to “Daddy Jun Magdangal Confirms Jolina’s and Bebong’s Break-Up! :-(”

  1. it is so sad indeed…we were just waiting for the official date of their wedding then this news have greeted us this New Year…

    whatever the reason, I know that their mutual respect to each other remains…

    I also would like to express my admiration to Jolina for the courage and the strenght that she showed during her interview…she didn’t say any harsh words towards Bebong nor did she elaborate to protect both of their families…

    my prayers goes with you Jolens 🙂

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