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What’s In Store for You in the Year of the Ox? 2009 Feng Shui Ritual.

As promised I’ll blog about what’s in store for us in the Year of the Ox. My intention is to blog about this on the 30th or 31st of December, but I’m going out of town tomorrow and although I’ll be bringing my MacBook with me I’m not sure whether I’ll have internet connections. The other day I’ve proven that Smart Bro is not exactly reliable.

Anyway, before anything else I would like to share that I don’t really believe in Feng Shui. That was before I met Joy Lim of Charms and Crystals. Sure I’ve heard about her on TV but that’s the only extent of my relationship with her. For me she is just one of the celebrity Feng Shui consultants who’s name is always being mentioned by Kris Aquino.

However, things changed when I had a personal and career crisis in the year 2007. One of my staff run away with Php50,000.00 and I’ll have to pay for it because I’m the head of the department and on top of that the company that I work for is downsizing and being one of the newest employee in that company I’m in danger of being terminated. As if that is not enough for some reason my boss who for me seems very insecure kept on accusing me that I’m after his position. To top that my kumare is taking his side and spreading malicious rumor against me.

The problem is simply overwhelming and I’m already losing sleep because of these problems. My friend suggest that I see Joy Lim, which to my inanity I dismissed right away. Being Chinese I believe in Feng Shui but I’m what you’ll call a skeptic believer. Meaning I don’t just believe, I need to see that you’re not a hoax, and Feng Shui has been glamorized in the press already that I know a lot of them are fake.

But as fate would have it we ran into Joy, and to my irritation (at that time) my well meaning but irritating friend decided to share my problem with Joy. Since we are at Robinson’s Galleria, where Joy has a Charms and Crystals store she insisted that I tag along where she’ll give me just the right charm for me.

Being a non-believer of Joy I declined and perhaps, in hindsight, little rudely said that I won’t spend money for a charm that I don’t think will work.

Joy still with a very genuine smile pasted on her face didn’t let go of me and very nicely said that I don’t have to worry about the cost because she is giving it to me for free because she knows that I need one.

Having run out of reasons to decline I followed her to her store and she indeed gave me two very nice charm.

To be honest, at that time I only wore them because they were nice and beautiful. My family and friends kept on commenting how nice the charms were.

But what happened in the month that she gave me really made me change my mind about Joy and her charms.

The staff who stole the money, bothered by her conscience, showed up again and admitted that she was the one who stole the money. I no longer have to pay for the fifty thousand pesos. I was not included in the downsizing of the company, and my kumare who was spreading malicious things about me was terminated as part of the downsizing. Plus, my insecure boss who accused me of trying to take his position away from him, had a sudden change of heart and now acts like we’re best of friends.

For me, to not associate it with Joy Lim’s charms and crystals is simply arrogance.

Anyway, the bigger question now is what is in store for us in 2009 the Year of the Ox? Especially there is worldwide economic crisis which has put several first world country into recession, and had Iceland declared bankruptcy.


According to Joy the financial crisis is here to stay.

Base on my research the financial world has been hit with the worst financial crisis in years — with the US and European markets hitting an economic slump. They all agree that the worst is yet to come. And to make things worse, analysts are saying that the Asian (read Philippine) market will be up next. We will only start feeling the impact of the crisis next year. A foreshadowing of the things to come in the Year of the Ox? Not if you make things right in your universe – your very own homes.

One of the most important things you can do for your finances is simply to clean up. Throwing out junk and getting rid of things like excess paper, empty boxes, and broken items can go a long way toward energizing your home for prosperity. Take particular notice of your windows and make sure to take out anything that blocks your main entrance.
Go around your house and replace broken stuff or anything that you don’t need. Change everything like curtains and bed sheets. Get a new set if you can, but If you can’t, it would be good to at least have them newly washed. A good tip is to donate your unused things to charity — the more you give more blessings will be received.

Practitioners consider the front door extremely important; it is where all the good energy comes into the home. It must be clean, well lit, welcoming and USED.
If your door is facing NORTH make sure you avoid passing through this door; but if you have no other door to pass through, make sure to counter negative energy with the following charms: 1) Chong Kwei 2) 5-Element Pagoda 3) 2009 All in one 5bats Rat Charm.
Meanwhile the Year of the OX predicts danger if your door is facing EAST. A good precautionary measure is to have charms like the 1) 3 chi-lin 2) Rhinoceros 3) Rabbit Rhino charm w/ 3 chi-lin.

Water equals money. No water, no money. Consider investing in waterfalls with a Djambala treasure box to welcome the star of wealth from the Southeast. Djambala is the Tibetan god of wealth who was blessed by Buddha to bring spiritual and material wealth to anyone who has his image inside his home or business place.
Don’t forget to display your Djambala as you welcome January 26, 2009. As water pours into the head of Djambala, he is at the same time blessing you with more wealth.

Dzambala/Djambala Treasure Box

Dzambala/Djambala Treasure Box


The number 9 takes the center stage for the 2009 Year of the Ox.
To fuel the opportunities and luck that the number 9 brings, activate the center of your house with the symbol of OX with a bell and a Teapot, surrounded with bejeweled wishing crystals. The bell symbolizes a protection charm that warns the Ox in the case of danger; whereas the teapot give him strength–with hot water in his stomach– to start the day right and finally the bejeweled wishing crystals signifies a harvest of good luck.
Meanwhile, for those who want to attract wealth wherever they go: 1) 9 eye citrine bracelet 2) lettuce Peridot bracelet and a 3) Mantra leather bracelet are highly recommended.

Leather Mantra Bracelet

Leather Mantra Bracelet

9 Eye Citrine Charm

9 Eye Citrine Charm

To the Chinese, a clove of garlic signifies new opportunities coming into your life. As is usual amongst the Cantonese dialect group, objects that have auspicious sounding names are always favored as symbols of good fortune. The Cantonese name of garlic is “Suin Mei” and this literally means having plenty of money to count.
Place 24 pieces of garlic on top of your dining table. This is a year-round ritual so don’t forget to replace it when needed.

The rice urn is considered as the stomach of a family, and it represents income, savings, business and wealth abundance.
Make sure to fill your rice urn with sack of rice. For those who are already practicing this ritual, this year just add money divided into denominations of 9 inside the red packet that was kept at the bottom of your rice urn last year. Remember never leave your rice urn empty as it symbolizes draining.

Make peace with everyone to attract a prosperous year. Leave all you your anger and angst behind; and instead, learn to practice a positive attitude.
Another way to enhance your prospects is to make good use of wishing papers. Patiently write your wishes and don’t stop even if you didn’t get your wishes to come true last year. An estimate of 8 out 10 get their wishes immediately – remember that you can wish for anything, even if it seems impossible. Writing your wishes is just like writing a letter to God.

Many fruits, flowers and plants have deep symbolic meaning in them. Due to their individual properties, some have been classified in ancient texts as symbols of longevity, wealth, prosperity and fertility. Below are some of the fruitful fruits for the Year of the Ox:
1) Pineapple – The pineapple is extremely auspicious and is said to be able to harness and accumulate abundance. Pineapple in Chinese is Ong Lay which means ‘the king is coming’ – symbolizing the abundance which the pineapple fruit brings.
2) Apple – To keep a sense of peace and harmony inside of the house, it is recommended that you place 24 pieces of green and red apples at the center of your home.
3) Oranges- To welcome the pot of golden opportunities that the year 2009 brings, it’s best to have oranges all over the house and roll them when the New Year strikes.

If you already have a wealth ship, remember that you need not change its direction for the coming year. The auspicious direction is calculated based on your birthday so it does not change. The only thing you need to do is to add more charms every year (ie..More coins).
Aside from the wealth ship, don’t forget about the wealth vase. Remember to swear to heaven “I am so blessed that I couldn’t thank God enough, my wealth vase really works!” Adding soil to your wealth vase is also advisable.

For longevity, grandparents, elders should give ” Ang Pao” (red packet) to the children inside the house and the family. Another alternative is to give these red packets to less fortunate children in the street. The “Ang Pao” may not necessarily be a big amount, the important thing is for elders to share their blessings.

The quiat-quiat tree is arguably the best-known symbol for a prosperous business. You may choose to create your own version or buy the ones available in the market. Remember to hang red packets of money as well as a ‘heaven’s luck windchime’ on top of the quiat-quiat tree.
On the eve of the Chinese New Year, rolling 88pcs of Quiat – Quiat from the main door towards the house/inside the house will also bring in a more prosperous Year of the Ox.

Avoid using sharp objects during Chinese New year as this symbolizes operation and surgery.
For your dining table, avoid using white plates and use a red table cloth in welcoming the New Year. Meanwhile, 15 days after the January 26, 2009 avoid wearing black or white; instead wear bright-colored shirts with lucky symbols.

Avoid using sharp objects during Chinese New year as this symbolizes operation and surgery.
For those who have experienced really bad luck the previous year 2008 start your year right. Cleanse your self from misfortune, take a bath before the midnight of the eve of New Year with pomelo soap, use new yellow bath towel to dry yourself and spray on sandalwood cologne. If you have pomelo tree boil the leaves and use the water for taking a bath.
Using a pomelo soap and the sandalwood cologne all year round is also good to constantly contradict the negative energy that is causing the world economic crisis.
Another tip is to wear the ‘life-changing destiny bracelet,’ – this charm is a good way to your destiny from the bad to good. You just have to wear it everyday and not to not use it only as an accessory. Take care of it and in return, you’ll see changes in your life.
Aside from the ‘life-changing destiny bracelet,’ here are other must-have items for 2009, exclusively available at Joy Lim’s Charms and Crystals:

1) The Ox with Bell and Tea Pot – Place at the Northeast of your house to bring you luck and protection.
2) Brass Money Coin Tree- Ideal to be put in the Southeast direction awesome luck, stability and business growth this 2009.
3) 8 Immortals – An all-in-one good luck charm that’s supposed to be placed in the Northwest part of the house
4) Silver Box – Bills, Bills, Bills that you want/need to pay ASAP! Place the silver box northwest of your bedroom, house or living room. Anf for Love, put the silver box in the Southwest direction to bring in a good and loving boyfriend or partner
5) Money Yellow Buddha – A good way to attract money inside the house, this charm is ideally placed at the entrance of your home.
6) Djambala Treasure box – Very Good for wishes most especially those that are related to finances.
7) Camel – Ideal for those suffering financial difficulties. Must have one to overcome!
8) Medicine Buddha – Recommended for those who are sick or who have loved-ones afflicted with illness. Best to be placed in the Western direction or at the bedside of the sick person. Note that the medicine Buddha has some rituals attached to it.
I personally have a good experience with the Medicine Buddha. This year I was having some medical problem the doctor can’t seem to find out whats wrong with me and after spending a lot of money I decided to call Joy to ask her whether she can help me. She send me a Medicine Buddha and voila the doctors found out what’s wrong with me.
9) Money Collector – Really good for business – with the Money Collector, you’re sure to have plenty of money to count.
10) Red Buddha – Place 6 pieces in the Southwest portion of the house an expect unexpected happiness in your life.
11) Tiny Brass Tibetan goddess – Good for cars and bags—these handy goddesses bring wealth charm and protection.
12) The Happy Buddha Mantra – A praying Buddha that brings wealth, protection and good health to your family.
13) Golden Ruyi Buddha – if you really want a promotion and is looking to activate luck in your career, this charm is the one for you. Best placed in the northern part of the house.
14) Chong Kwei – This charm is effective in diffusing the fatal effects of 5-Yellow star (bringing mishaps, death, accidents, big losses) If you invite Chung Kwei in your house, irrespective of where the flying star for 5-yellow is, the Chung Kwei’s image will be able to protect the entire family.
15) Wei Tuo – also known as the God General, he is seen as a great protector of Buddha and Kuan Yin ( the Goddess of Mercy). He is regarded as the unwavering, faithful servant of Buddha while at the same time protecting Buddhism treasures and objects of the Dharma.
16) The Animal Zodiac Sign – These charms cures sickness and brings luck depending on your year of birth.
17) Auspicious Sticker – Stick at the main entrance, bedroom and cars depending on your concern.
18) Wealthship – more weathship, means more unexpected treasure. This charm is best placed in the auspicious direction of every member of the family living in the house.

Lastly, if you were born in the year of the Rat, Rabbit, Goat, Rooster, and Tiger it is greatly advisable for you to wear red on the day of the Chinese New Year. Again, don’t forget to take a bath using a pomelo soap (or boil pomelo leaves and use the water to wash yourself) and definitely spray on a sandalwood cologne.

8 Immortals

8 Immortals

Wealth Ship

Wealth Ship

Charms and Crystals Camel of Treasure

Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha

8 Immortals on a Wealth Ship

8 Immortals on a Wealth Ship

For your individual Zodiac Sign you can visit Joy Lim’s website. Just type . You can also call them up at (632) 742-2597. Or visit any of the Charms and Crystals store (Robinson’s Galleria, SM Mall of Asia, Circle C Mall, Tomas Morato cor. Timog Ave. etc.)

And since more than anything else this is a showbiz blog, I just want to share that some of the celebrities that Joy has help through her Feng Shui charms are Dingdong Dantes, Edu Manzano, Jodi Sta. Maria, Kris Aquino, and a whole lot more. In fact, Edu once thanked her on air. He said the Djambala that was given to her by Joy really help him. Well…the evidence, 2 shows, 1 radio program, and a love life that is flourishing. Isn’t that really nice?

5 Responses to “What’s In Store for You in the Year of the Ox? 2009 Feng Shui Ritual.”

  1. Comment lang po: Medicine Buddha is actually dedicated to the EAST, not West. Also, the ritual involved in seeking Medicine Buddha’s help is simple: Just light seven lamps or candles in front of the statue and offer incense, fruit and water. Then, recite 108 times: Namo Yao Shi Fo (which means, Hail to Medicine Buddha). Do this for seven days; it is just like a Catholic novena. It is also preferable to go vegetarian (no meat or fish or chicken, including animal products like patis) for these seven days.

    Medicine Buddha is more powerful than the God of Wealth, because the God of Wealth is just Buddha’s servant. Also, if you invoke Medicine Buddha, naturally Wei To will come to help you. Actually, Medicine Buddha has Twelve Great Vows, which include:

    1. Offering protection from evil people, accidents and natural disasters;
    2. Giving of wealth and prosperity;
    3. Giving of Physical Health and Peace of Mind.

    If you’re totally serious about invoking Medicine Buddha, you could recite the following booklet along with the ritual:

    What to do with the water and fruit? Every day dapat palitan ang offering of water and fruit. The water should be drank by the family (pwede ihalo sa water dispenser or pangsaing) while the fruit can also be eaten, but better, be given to those who have no food (beggars and streetchildren). For the seven days na you do the ritual, make sure you are in a forgiving, peaceful, charitable mood. Otherwise, it will not work.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for leaving a reply.

    Feng Shui is not an exact science and the difference in location where one should put the Medicine Buddha really depends on what kind of Feng Shui you practice.

    For me I go for Joy Lim because of my experience with her. Not counting my experience a number of people that I personally only has good words for Joy Lim.

  3. Maraming Salamat sa pag post ng blog na ito. I have bought some of Ms. Joy Lim’s charms and it really worked.

    Sa maniwala kayo o hinde pinamanahan ako ng auntie ko. This is unexpected because may anak naman siya and we’re not really close. So I was surprise that pamamanahan niya ako.

    Tama ang staff ni Ms. Joy Lim sa Dapitan. Yun binigay kasi niya yun charm na bracelet sa akin sabi niya unexpected money daw ang effect ng charm na yun.

    Unexpected nga ang mana. Pero hindi naman pera, kasi lupa…so di ba mas ok pa.

  4. […] Here is the original: What’s In Store for You in the Year of the Ox? 2009 Feng Shui … […]

  5. I just want to know what store for me even its mid year to fulfill my success in my family life. And to live stable for the future of our kids since we’re facing right now on unstable financial crisis.
    Does my husband giving him a chance to find a better opportunity when its comes to work preference, does we have the right to save something for our future and kids needs.
    Im still waiting for your reply as soon as possible.

    Very truly yours,

    Melinda D. Guerra

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