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Jericho Rosales, Courting Karylle? Heart wants Jericho back?

Showbiz insiders are excitedly talking about Jericho Rosales and Karylle. It was said that Jericho asked for Karylle’s number and after he got it he seems really ‘kilig’ and excited about it.

Is it possible that Jericho is going to court Karylle? Why not, right? They look good together. Not only that Jericho, being a nice guy that he is deserves somebody who is also equally nice.

However, Karylle has already clarified that his boyfriend for now is her career and work as an actress.

Meanwhile, how true is it that Heart Evangelista wants Jericho back? We don’t enough information yet but we will definitely check out whether this is true or not.

7 Responses to “Jericho Rosales, Courting Karylle? Heart wants Jericho back?”

  1. karylle????ahahaha…What about the topic isBeautiful,charming,classic sweet,sexy bright and elegant MS.CARMEN SOO….

  2. i think..karylle and jericho look good together…..and they meant for each other!!

  3. hai nakuh
    pra sken lng hah
    wag kau mggalet!
    mas bgay c dongkaye pr0
    anUh mggwa nten ehh
    d nman nten hawak buhay nila
    per0 msaket nman tlaga
    gnawa ni dingdong and marianne kei karylle
    pr0 i really hate the relationship of
    marianne en dingdong
    pero tinatago pa nla
    ang arteh tlaga ntg marianne na yan

  4. I♥ heart… heart is soooo beautiful!!!
    mganda n matalino pah!!! tyaka mhal tlaga ni echo c heart until now emagine hanggang ngaun wla pang Gf c echo it means nah umaasa p rin xang magkakabalikan cla ni heart!!!

    We love u Hearty!!!

  5. Karylle is UGLY. get that? UGLY. trust me, she looks simple and she looks like one of them ordinary girls. Her teeth are crooked, her smile is DISGUSTING and i think she likes to cause drama. Besides, kay Jericho na nanggaling na he doesn’t feel any romance for Karylle. his exact words:”there’s nothing going on between me and Karylle. and I dont feel that way about her.” dont believe me? go to youtube, watch the buzz tough ten with echo.

    so Karylle, stop dreaming. YOU SUCK AS AN ACTRESS. just focus on your singing career. and stop causing shit. SHITFACE.

  6. my message on this comments was not true at all that jericho and karylle was no have a magic, and they only a good friends in the showbizzs, and they have a soap-opera with of kristine hermosa, on this coming Augs. and I will have a higher vote for echo, and tintin, because that echo, and tintin have a magic, that one can see only them self at all
    and they have a great, of team-work, and partnerships in the really life and futher. because they are a soul-mate echo and tintin. in the kingdom of God. the destiny was a calling them back together again in the really. we have a words, that first loves will never die.. it was true. you see all of the fun of echo and tintin they are made of heaven and earth, the angel of heaven was have a songs in there heart and soul… and you see they will have lots of project to coming in the 20010 more to come. be believe it on me was a true, all i said on this… thank you… NSW,,,,

  7. to jericho rosales, it’s more important that you only stay a friend to Karylle, and Heart. and I known that they are a nices Lady? but it will be better if you will give more of your times of yourself. to make your dreams come true to get your own goals in your life and futher, with your team-work of your only one a soul-mate with kristine hermosa was a made of kingdom of heaven because your faith and desting was call you to have a reuions in the really life and futher and this a partnerships will became more of stronger and the seed’s you put echos in the plants was a growing like magic spells on yourself with tintin. echo God given you to open your eyes and yours soul to give one more chance the first love never dies.. you and tintin, I hope that you can read this my simple advices to feeling your spirits of the kingdom of heaven. anything was a became a impossible of the magic of love. have stronger faith’s God will show your way’s? just trust him very much.
    it’s was a big rating of your Dahil May’s Isang Ikaws, you and tintin. stays sweets and think a positives…………

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