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Jake Cuenca Bares All!

Jake Cuenca has never answered any of the intrigue hurled at him. However, in a rare bare all interview with Kris Aquino in ‘The Buzz’, he finally answered all the issues that he got involved in.

First issue…

Did he really had an affair with Angelica Panganiban?

According to Jake, they never had an affair but he admitted that he did court Angelica Panganiban for 2 years. 2 years! But sad to say his love was turned down by Angelica. Aba! Si Angelica choosy ha! Ang ganda mo girl! Well…who can blame her Derek Ramsay is really so hot!


Second issue…

Did he ever hurt Roxanne Guinoo?

According to Jake he has never physically hurt Roxanne. He clarified that it was Roxanne herself who said that the controversial bruises were cause by some stunts that she has to do during a shoot.


Third issue…

Did he court the Pinay Betty La Fea, Bea Alonzo?

The answer is yes, but according to Jake they both decided that they’ll just concentrate on their respective careers first. He even added that he admires Bea’s maturity towards her career.


2 Responses to “Jake Cuenca Bares All!”

  1. hay …..

    • To Allan (

      I’m really sorry but I won’t be able to post your comment about Jake. I think its an unfair statement. It’s something that can’t be substantiated. If you have proof then I will post it. Thanks.

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