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Hayden Kho speaks out. Vicki Belo still mum about the incident. Lolit Solis confirms the existence of the sex video?

Dr. Hayden Kho has finally spoken to the press. He seems to be in perfect health even after admitting that he indeed tried to take his own life.

He said that he even wrote Dr. Vicki Belo’s name on his body, and that the last words that he said before he ‘died’ (I suppose what he meant was before he lost consciousness.) was ‘I love you, Vicki.’

The most shocking part is that he admitted that he had an affair with Katrina Halili, however, he denied the existence of a sex video.

Did he attempted to commit suicide to earn Dr. Vicki Belo’s sympathy?

Hayden stressed that it is not his intention. Would a dying person still think of ‘pambobola’?

So if he has admitted to his ‘short – lived’ affair with Katrina Halili, what will people think about Katrina since she is quick to deny that he was the cause of the break – up and that she had an affair with Hayden Kho.

I think, everybody has a lesson to learn here. When lying and denying some thing make sure that the accomplice is not going to squeal.

Anyway, according to Hayden he is not sure whether he’ll pursue his acting career, but he is definitely going back to his career as a doctor. Right now, he just want to work on the forgiveness of Vicki Belo.

Meanwhile, Lolit Solis clarified that she is no longer Hayden’s manager. She in effect clarified that her loyalty lies with Vicki Belo. But she seems to confirm the existence of the video when she said, “Kaya yung mga nag-de-deny, matakot sila dahil may pwedeng ilabas na ebidensiya. Dapat kung gumawa ka ng krimen, wag kang mag-iiwan ng ebidensiya.”

I guess this is not the end of this issue, right? I wonder when is Vicki Belo going to come out and air her side.

What will happen to Katrina Halili?

Is this really the end of Hayden’s career?

But the biggest question is when is Hayden and Vicki going to announce that they are a couple again? The showbiz talk is that it is only a matter of time before they get back together.

I hope I’m wrong. But who am I to judge.


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