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Christmas of the Stars!

This post is a bit late. Had problems with my internet connection and using Smart Bro is such a hassle that I decided to abandon it for a while. Good thing my connection is back to normal.

Anyway, just want to share with you how some of our celebrities celebrates their Christmas.

1. Lyn Ching

Lyn Ching with her daughter.

Lyn Ching with her daughter.

I’ll use Lyn’s own words to describe how she celebrated her Christmas.

“I just spent Christmas with my family, as always. It was my son’s first Christmas since he’s only 11 months old and he slept through most of it but it was special nonetheless.”

My nephew and Lyn’s eldest daughter goes to the same school and I have seen how doting she is to her daughter. She attends all school activities of her daughter. In fact, she once lend her time to read books (Lyn, did I remember it right?) for the her daughter’s classmates. She would also always make sure that she gets to take her daughter’s pictures.

2. Alessandra de Rossi

Actress Alessandra de Rossi, celebrated Christmas in Italy.

Actress Alessandra de Rossi, celebrated Christmas in Italy.

Alessandra spent her Christmas in Italy with her family. The whole family is present except for Assunta. She’ll be staying in Italy until Jan. 5, 2009.

3. Jean Garcia
Actress Jean Garcia spent hers with her daughter Jennica and son Kotaro. Together with them is the rest of Jean’s family.They celebrated Christmas at Jean’s house.

3. Giselle Sanchez

This Christmas is extra special for Giselle because she is carrying in her womb her second child.

This Christmas is extra special for Giselle because she is carrying in her womb her second child.

Giselle together with husband Emil Buencamino and daughter Lhiya spent Christmas in their home.

Once again, I’ll use Giselle’s very own words to describe how she spend her Christmas.

“Christmases are spent with my family since I work and share my talent every day of the year. It’s important to celebrate this day with family reunions so my daughter Lia will see the importance of the family.”

She didn’t mention anything about her pregnancy, but Beth of DMV mentioned that Giselle and Emil considers this Christmas extra special because Giselle is pregnant with her 2nd baby.

I also want to share Giselle’s blog.

4. Illac Diaz

Model, actor turned entrepreneur, scientist (my own opinion), philantropist Illac Diaz.

Model, actor turned entrepreneur, scientist (my own opinion), philantropist Illac Diaz.

Illac Diaz sent me a short message which says that he went to mass and had Christmas dinner with his whole family.

5. Kara David
Although we used to work in the same network, I never had the chance to really get to know Kara. In fact, I really doubt it whether she remembers me. But I personally believe that she is one of the best broadcast journalist we ever had.

Again, I’ll let her own words describe how she spent her Christmas.

“My daughter Julia is sick. I spent Christmas eve in bed, beside my sweet Julia. Taking care of her and comforting her that everything will be alright when she wakes up. True enough she was ok on Christmas day. 🙂 God is truly good!”

6. Ivan Mayrina
According to Karen, Ivan’s wife, Ivan had reporter duty on Christmas day. Nevertheless, he was with his family after his duty. They spent Christmas in Bulacan.

7. Jeff Fernando
I’m sure most of you still remembers Jeff Fernando in his ABS-CBN days with his colored hair while reporting the colorful world of showbizness. (Jeff, wala sa Google ang pic mo! Make sure gawan mo ng paraan yan.)

Anyway, I’ll share with you Jeff’s sms.I have taken the liberty to use the proper spelling and not the sms or text spelling we all use.

“Very pinoy and traditional and Christmas eve ko with family, hearing the midnight mass,although it is also the special day namin ng partner ko. For we are 2 years together na. So everytime, special ang pasko.”

Isn’t it really nice to celebrate your love day on Christmas day?!

8. Susan Enriquez
Before anything else I want to clarify that Susan is not related to Mike Enriquez. We all admire and love Sir Mike but he is not the father or the husband of Susan Enriquez.

I just thought I’ll make that clarification because whenever I talk to people about my GMA days and whenever the  conversation will drift to either Sir Mike or Ms. Susan, people will always ask whether they’re related. It always either they’re husband and wife or father and daughter.

Anyway, I had the pleasure of meeting Susan again a few weeks ago when she covered the event of Fortune Ledesma. I had fun talking with her in that event.

So this is how she spent her Christmas, again in her own words.

“We had noche buena – crispy pata and tuyo with sopas. We attended mass and stayed home. I was with my loved ones the whole day.”

9. Rio Locsin
I think, then and now, Rio still has one of the most beautiful faces in the industry. I have seen her several times without make – up and she is still so beautiful . She is married to basketball superstar turn pastor Padim Israel.

According to Rio, her whole family had church service at 6pm of Christmas eve, followed by dinner, and had noche buena with their whole family.

10. TJ Trinidad
TJ made use of technology in celebrating Christmas.

According to TJ he spent Christmas with his family. He then had a video chat with his sibling abroad while they’re opening their gifts.

11. Arnold Reyes

Commercial model, stage and screen actor Arnold Reyes.

Commercial model, stage and screen actor Arnold Reyes.

We can see Arnold regularly on ABS-CBN’s Dragona. I was surprise that he was playing a mature role, being one of the adopted father of Shaina Magdayao.

I was surprise that he can be very funny. Normally goodlooking guys are not as funny as compared to guys who are not so good looking.

Anyway, I’ll use Arnold own words…

“Simple Christmas lang with my family…We have this tradition of cooking family recipe for Christmas like morcon, our own version of menudo, crema de fruita, etc….tulong tulong…Then we went to mass on Christmas eve, then noche buena, tapos gift giving na! Tapos never ending kuwentuhan with the whole family while watching our pamangkins play with their gifts!”

12. Roderick Paulate

If there is one actor who has manage to keep his personal life private that is Roderick Paulate. That’s why I feel so privilege to be able to write about how he spent his Christmas because it is something very personal.

Dick as he is lovingly called in the industry spent his Christmas with his mother and family. But before that he was busy with his Christmas tradition and that is his feeding program for street children.

13. Connie Sison
I’m so glad to see Connie Sison back on TV. I was introduced to her by Ms. Cheri Mercado about a couple of years ago. We were supposed to do a story about her mom. That didn’t push through but I’m sure glad that her mom went out of coma. Ms. Connie hope to get to know you better.

Like most of the entries in this particular blog, I’ll once again use her own words…

“I spent Christmas with my side of the family. My brothers and sisters, in-laws, nieces and nephews, my hubby and kids together with of course my mom, who we are so happy to see up and about after being in a coma for a month and a week 2 years ago. We are all very grateful for God’s miracle to my mom. We sang happy birthday to our Lord as we always do every year.”

14. Councilor Bong Suntay
His picture him doesn’t do him justice. He is one of the most handsome QC councilor. Sir, you need better pictures.

Bong Suntay also owns Basic Taxi and his drivers attest to the fact that he is one of the nicest boss that an employee can ever had. But Sir Bong some of them has been complaining about your OIC medyo corrupt daw. Ooops…I’m not sure whether this is true or not. Just want to share it with you though.

As usual, inhis on words,  here is how he celebrated Christmas.

“Christmas eve was spent exclusively with our family. A sumpteous meal was prepared in the house and we all waited for the clock to strike 12 so that everyone could open their gifts.”

15. Joshua Zamora
I think Joshua has one of the most angelic face in the industry. He is also very down to earth.

According to Joshua he spent his Christmas eve with his kids and the whole of Zamora family in Alabang and then with his partner in life.

According to him that it was indeed a joyous Christmas celebration.

16. Cory Quirino
Talk about beauty and there is no one more believable than Ms.Cory Quirino.

Here is how she spent her Christmas.

“Dec. 24 was celebrated with mass followed by dinner with close friends and bosom buddies in Makati. Dec. 25 I played Santa to my family, brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces. This is the time of the year when I am Chef for the day at my home in Ayala Alabang with my traditional roast turkey, healthy salads, hearty soups and pasta. As the sun sets, I put on my athletic shoes and take my usual brisk walk around the village. This is the time I commune with God and nature. It clears my head and heart so I can move on with the next chapter of my life with greater passion and vision. Love and Light!

17. Tetchie Agbayani

Actress turn professor Tetchie Agbayani.

Actress turn professor Tetchie Agbayani.

Tetchie’s showbiz career has been very colorful. Her life is even more colorful. She drives a very beautiful red BMW.

But her Christmas is very simple. She celebrates it with the most important thing of her life. Her family.

18. Joy Lim
The woman who brings joy to the life of a lot of people is aptly named Joy.

Joy Lim of Charms and Crystal popularized the charm bracelets and brought Feng Shui to ordinary people. She made  sure that Feng Shui is available to all and not just to the rich. Because of that she became the brightest star to the life of many Filipinos.

How did she spend her Christmas?

While she made sure that the 24th and 25th is spent with her family, the days leading up to it and the day after Christmas she’ll be doing Feng Shui consultation in the states.

I know she would rather spent her time with her family. However, she can’t say no to the numerous request of the Filipinos (Americans as well!) in the states for her to do consultation ASAP. Since they’re already experiencing the economic crisis their.

Incidentally, I will be blogging about what’s in store for us base on our Chinese Zodiac Signs in the next few days. This is going to be base on Joy’s “consultations’ and of course what is the importance of knowing whether you have good luck or bad luck if you cannot enhance or counter them. So I’ll be sharing the charms also. Wait for it. I will be writing about them in the next few days as soon as I’m able to interview Joy.

19. Fanny Serrano
I still can’t forget Tita Fanny’s sardine spaghetti. It’s so simple but oh so delicious.

Again, I’ll use his very own words…

“I did a commercial shoot (sorry, it’s a super secret product) with Aga Muhlach last Dec. 23, 8:30am that lasted till 6am the next day, 24th (Christmas eve na nga, korek). So what do you expect, tulog ako the whole day (and I’m sure the same thing with Aga, plakda din yun especially he just arrived from more than one month vacation from the US of A with his family). So, I really did a mega effort to wake up at 4pm and start preparing na for our Noche Buena and with matching general cleaning na rin ng aking cutie – cutie kitchen while cooking. Why me? Day – off nga po ng mga yayas and yayos ko and its my chance to do a general part of my abode! In fairness…super clean po naman my kitchen. Korek! And this is the super kwela part…sa sobrang pagod & antok of my beauty, di nakaya ng powers ko ang another puyatan so I requested to have our Noche Buena 2 hours earlier with my family plus my only guest, my friend, one of my make-up artists…Laurence Leuterio & his kid RapRap. So before the clock strikes 12 – midnight, eh, papunta na po ang beauty ko sa aking Japanese – inspired bed & like a Geisha who down to sleep so pagooooood but sooooo happy naman that I was able to spend Christmas eve with my love ones! The next day, Christmas Day, stand up again ang Geisha & start na naman cooking for my sangktutak na guests! Haaaay, Christmaaaas!

20. Marissa Sanchez
If you’ve been watching Eva Luna, you must have seen Marissa Sanchez displaying her acting prowess again. I was surprised with her acting in the said telenovela. Hindi mo akalain na si Marissa yun. Ang galing ng acting.

But what I really miss most about her is her singing. Marissa, may tampo ako sayo. You had a show pala sa Metro bar and you didn’t event texted me about it. Next time let me know ha.

Anyway, here is how Marissa spent her Christmas.

“I spent it in TS Cruz, Novaliches with my in-laws and my husband. It was mesmerizing because we pig out eating mouth watering crabs and prawns from Zamboanga. It was a gift by Mayor Lobregat of Zamboanga.”

21. Renee Salud
When I was first assigned to do showbiz news in Unang Hirit, it was Mama Renee together with Suzi Entrata – Abrera who assisted me. I think Mama Renee was pitching for Eagle who was on leave. Being new in the TV production and not familiar with showbiz at that time, Mama Renee’s and Suzi’s unsolicited help and assistance was greatly welcome, especially Lhar Santiago, who was my main host was not just very helpful but also, to my mind, was making it extra difficult.

For that Mama Renee I really won’t forget that help and will forever be grateful to you.

This is how he celebrated Christmas…

“I spent my Christmas the traditional way! Church then Noche Buena! I spent it with my family and Mr. World Philippines Bhobby Mago in San Juan Batangas!”

Mr. World Philippines 2007 - Emmanuel 'Bhobby' Mago

Mr. World Philippines 2007 - Emmanuel 'Bhobby' Mago

Mama, bakit mo kasama si Bhobby Mago?

22. Valerie Concepcion

If you say that Valerie Concepcion is very controversial then you’re right. But the way to describe her shouldn’t end there, because I think she has already proven that she can host. I think that’s a craft that she is perfecting and has proven that she is good at it.

This is how she spent her Christmas…

“We attended the 11pm to 12mn mass. Kumpleto po kami pati si Fiona kasama. Then after the mass sa bahay nag share kami ng noche buena. After eating nagbigayan kami ng gifts at picture taking. Nung morning sa bahay pa rin kami we waited sa mga batang namamasko. Nung wala ng pong dumating mga 2pm umalis na kami para pumunta sa Bulacn sa relatives ng mom ko. May salu-salo at exchange gifts. We went home na ng 10pm kasi I need to rest early because may work na on the 26th. Live ang Wowowee.”

23. Miriam Quiambao
One thing that people don’t know about Miriam is her good heart. A friend who is having trouble to create a career for himself got help from Miriam and he is now one of the most sought after PD in ABS-CBN.

According to Miriam, her Christmas was ‘quiet’ which she spent with her whole family. They had dinner in their home after which they had a family exchange gift.

To the people who were featured here…Thank you for sharing it with me.


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