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Archive for December 26, 2008

Hayden Kho and Katirna Halili’s Sex Video…

December 26, 2008

People are talking about the video of Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili. They say Vicki Belo allegedly saw said video which prompted her tocall it quits with Hayden Kho. Personally, I don’t know whether such video exist. But a certain blogger claims that its true and offers a link where you can download it. Whatever […]

Christmas of the Stars!

December 26, 2008

This post is a bit late. Had problems with my internet connection and using Smart Bro is such a hassle that I decided to abandon it for a while. Good thing my connection is back to normal. Anyway, just want to share with you how some of our celebrities celebrates their Christmas. 1. Lyn Ching […]