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Vicki Belo Financing Hayden Kho’s House?

A friend called me up. Her first question when I answered the phone was…’Paano ang bahay na pinapatayo ni Hayden sa may Commonweatlh? Si Vicki Belo raw nag fi-finance nun?’

Well, I don’t have any answer for her. I have heard that Hayden is indeed building a house for himself and indeed there is some talk that it is being financed by Vicki Belo. Which according to the friend who called is already a multi – million peso investment. But I really haven’t bothered confirming this rumor. The answer is I really don’t know whether Vicki Belo is financing Hayden Kho’s house, or whether Hayden Kho is building his own house.

But I suppose if, and I stress IF, Vicki Belo is indeed financing Hayden Kho’s new house then it is only absolute stupidity if she continues to finance it considering that they are no longer together as a couple.

Picture lifted from Google image bank.

Picture lifted from Google image bank.

Picture lifted from Google image bank.

Picture lifted from Google image bank.

Meanwhile, Katrina Halili has once again stressed that she has nothing to do with the break-up of Drs. Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo. She also said that she is in constant communication with Dr. Vicki Belo. When asked whether she is still a Belo model, she answered, without battling an eyelash, that yes, she is still a Belo model/endorser.

Picture lifted from Google image bank.

Picture lifted from Google image bank.


4 Responses to “Vicki Belo Financing Hayden Kho’s House?”

  1. We are all human and all are capable of committing mistake. We do have our own lapses, so lets not judge hayden of his weaknesses. I do hope that Dr. Vicky Belo will realized that she too is capable of committing mistakes. Likewise, if Haydem is asking her forgiveness then who are we not to forgive and if Vicky really love Hayden, she should understand Hayden after all she is old enough to understand the situation.

  2. To Richard. What Hayden did is unforgivable.
    But, yeah, I agree with u that Belo has to realize that she is capable of doing mistakes.
    Oh, no. Wait. Actually, she did realized that already when she found out about Hayden’s heinous deeds of sleeping with woman after woman after woman after woman after woman (the list goes on)… even when they’re together.
    Not to mention that he videotaped their sexcapades (with AND, sometimes, *WITHOUT* the knowledge of those poor women.
    Tsk, tsk. Hay naku. Tsk, tsk.

  3. full compilation of the hayden kho sex files can be downloaded & watched here:

    lets xchange links?? 🙂

  4. we know that hayden khos scandal is unforgivable…. but please we are all human …all of us are committing mistakes but yeah i agree that what hayden did is so so so humiliates gurls… but please dont judge hayden…wawa nman xa… and i have a question about manay lolit bak8 ganun xa kay hayden??? sama ng mga words nea..

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