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Hurl Shoe at Bush!

I don’t advocate violence but we all need an outlet wherein we can vent our anger. Especially if the object of your anger is not in front of you or is somebody ‘big’ enough that when you vent your anger at him, it can land you in prison.

I have an extreme dislike against Bush. Don’t ask which Bush because its both of them. They both brought, not only US, but the whole word in one of the biggest war in the last 20 years.

So I applaud the creator of for giving us a venue to hurl a shoe at Bush. If he had this before maybe the Bush-shoe-hurling-reporter wouldn’t have to do it himself. Then he wouldn’t have landed in jail. (‘s) creator is not original, obviously he got the idea from the shoe-hurling reporter. But the execution is great.

Let’s all hurl shoes against Bush….virtually.

Try it…It’s fun!


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