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Karylle, Dingdong, and Marianne…

When I first found out that Karylle and Dingdong Dantes are together as a couple I was really happy for them. Karylle is a very nice, simple, talented girl while the Dingdong that I know is also very humble and down to earth.

However, little by little I noticed that Dingdong has become mayabang. Lumaki na ang ulo niya while Karylle has remained humble. That’s why I was not surprised when they separated. I, in my own way, saw it coming.

But for Karylle’s sake I hope that this issue will end already.

In her interview with Boy Abunda, she didn’t answer the question whether Marianne is pregnant. But her silent, painful smile SEEMS to be confirming the rumor.

Of course, Marianne Rivera cried and cried and cried in front of TV cameras when she ‘heard’ about this. I don’t know whether she was just acting because she can’t act anyway but why cry about it. Shouldn’t she just be angry and answer it straight. Because she really didn’t answer it ‘straight to the point’.

Karylle and Dingdong

Karylle and Dingdong

Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera

Dingdong also can’t answer it straight. Ang sagot lang niya ay…”Hindi ko na dapat yata sagutin yan. Tutal sinasagot na ni Marianne yan.’

Dingdong Dantes

Dingdong Dantes

Does this mean that something has happened between them? Since they are denying their relationship can’t they just say…’Hindi naman kami, how would I know whether she is pregnant.’ or ‘Wala naman nangyari sa amin, magkaibigan lang kami paano naman magkakabuntisan.’ Simple hindi pa nila magawa.

Again, I really hope that for Karylle’s sake, the real victim here, this nasty business ends soons. Sadly, both ABS – CBN and GMA’s teaser for this weekend showbiz talkshow is still about them.



48 Responses to “Karylle, Dingdong, and Marianne…”

  1. I believe Dingdong downgraded himself with Marian.

  2. i so totally agree!!! it’s not karylle’s fault that her smile can make a low life like marian react the way she did. having a good head on her shoulders & a pretty face at the same time is definitely 1million points ahead than a pretty crying face.

  3. I agree with both of you.K is a good catch.Anybody who is a descent guy could fall for her.I think DD should go to hospital for a head CT scan.He needs a medical treatment.I pray that someday somebody will come her way that will really make her happy and forever loyal to her.God bless Karylle

  4. all i can say to K is try to move on,i know its hard for now but it can help you to go forward.I think for what dingdong did,your not really meant for each other,,try to date other people and forget him,hindi siya ang guy na bagay sayo.I heard jericho is courting you,wala namang masama kung magiging magkaibigan kayo,i know echo as well,mabait at gwapo pa.Gudluck K.

  5. marianne!!!!!!! be ready!!!!! dnt be like that. ur so OA. sorry to say this,. you petty lady.. just dont dny it..ok? karylle is super kind!!

  6. ang ganda tlg ni marian idol n idol qoh xa hehe

  7. Marian – Beautiful inside and out.

  8. kuh..tama lang reaksyon ni M.,mga tanga!.,kung talagang ndi naniniwala c K sa isyung sana sinagot nia ng tama ung tanong ni boy.,ei ang ginawa niang pag smile ai parang nagpapalabas nah talagung tunay un.,ang epal-epal kasi ni K kala moh amn tutuong maganda.,well pacnxa kau kung gusto niu xa akoh ndi kasi kahit san xa lumugar ndi nia mababago ang fact nah talagung mali xa!

  9. karylle has already said that she doesn’t really know marian and that they’ve never been friends. why should she answer this question?

    as she cannot phrase the answer she wanted to give, she just smiled. it was very tactful…

    it’s not an issue of “sinadya nya gumawa ng issue”. the truth is that any way that she answers, something will be construed out of it… people with wagging tongues will still say something negative. that’s showbiz…

    as for marian, she doesn’t really need to cry. a straight denial would have sufficed. why did she cry? answer: because for weeks before the press con she was the least favorite celeb, she found an opening thinking people form the press would pity her… didn’t her side launch an all-out campaign to win the side of the press…

    as for dingdong,, i don’t really mind that they broke up or if marian really is his gf now. what he needs to do is show some spine. if he’s with marian, why not admit this?

    i mean, no offense to all marian fans, but he’s showing that karylle still is the love of his life if he doesn’t tell the truth about marian(asuming they are together).

    why do i say so? because during toni and dong’s time, they never admitted to a relationship, toni has ben vocal but dong never made admissions. howeve, he did this with karylle. the first and only girl that he was proud to tell the world was his…

    if it is true that nothing is going on between them, a simple, “no, we’re not together” would have been enough. none of those “i enjoy her company” blahs…

  10. basta aq 4ever kay idol dingdong ko…khit cno pa ang maging babae nia eh ok lng un kc sobra talaga xang pogi at nakakamatay…
    at f ever man na may mabuntis nga c papa dingdong it means un ang babaeng ukol pra sa kanyang walang hangganang pag-ibig…
    sabi nga ng iba dba???kung anong ukol dun bubukol at kung kanino bubukol xa ang ukol…i love you papa dingdong…kip up the goodwork…GODBLESS!!!

  11. all i have 2say ’bout all this is, they are all adults and always seen in the public they should handle everything in a more descent and grown up ways. sa case ni “K” so simple, she doesnt know “M” and yet she already judge “M”. by not making any comment she simply states na “Ya sure” or “Maybe” sa question about “M”.
    im not taking sides, lets just face it. bottom line is “DD” left her just accept the fact” maybe he just fell out of love kay “K” and found new one kay “M” he’s just human after all. remember the saying goes “NOBODY’s PERFECT” except “GOD” actually kahit si God made some mistakes in his life. “DD” is not God therefor he’s allowed to have mistakes. just let them be, we all know the feeling of being in-love all over again sarap ang feeling, let them explore life and love.

    hope wala akong natapakan or nasaktan…..


  12. i love dong-karylle so much but wen dong did to karylle is very very dissapointing…sinayang nya ang ilng taon ni lng pagsa2ma…kainis talaga sila dalawa ni marianne at dong..:(

  13. karylle and dingdong kaya siguro sila nag hiwalayan dahil sa may nangyari kay marian at dingdong??.. xD yata hehe

  14. Karylle is a brilliant person with a very kind heart. Her classy actions and respectable ways are far way better that Marian’s. She deserves someone who will take care of her and will love her inside and out with of course LOYALTY. She doesn’t fight back like being vulgar and plastically dramatic because she knows she’s an EDUCATED person. Life is full of challenges. This what happened to Karylle is an indication that DD is truly not the one for him. K, Live and enjoy life to the fullest.

  15. sna magkabalikan cla ni karylle

  16. im not so much into showbiz, but when i witness the beauty in dingdong-karylle relationship, nabago ang mundo ko, hehehe, but became so disappointed when they broke up. para kasing andaling balewalain ang magandang relasyon kapalit ng sandaling popularidad! yun lang. GOD BLESS KARYLLE!


  18. ang masasabi ko lng ayyyy….that’s lyf!….jejejej..walang mararating laht ng mga comment nyo.,,,,,pasiksirayewwwww

  19. ., bwisit tlaga yang marianne nayan npaka
    arte she is so cheap like anyone ang panget panget nia

  20. no choice mariane kundi agawin dingdong kay karylle. dun sya sisiskat eh.

  21. indi tama ang ginawa ni k..dapat sinagot nya…pra kng accept cxa na ayaw na sa kanya c dd..

  22. hi,

    karylle wag mo intindihin si marian..

    ang tanga tanga ni dong kc iniwan ka nya..

    san pa za hahanap ng kagaya mo..

    tsk tsk… kawawang dingdong..

    maian issue? alam mo marian wag ka epal…

    kung ikaw at si karylle lang din nmn ok ka nga sikat at my mukha din nmn kaso panandalian ka lang eh di kagaya ng puso at buong pagkatao ni karylle pang matagalan..

    ngatz palague karylle love you with all my heart!!!
    dont 4get to pray and thanks GOD with every blessing that he gives you


  23. karylle just wants to be controversial.. she said she was surprised by the question and was thinking how to phrase her answer properly… oh come on?! ganyan ba talaga ang reaction ng taong nagulat or nag-iisip ng sagot?!? get real!

    • karylle is 100 percent real person very professional, talented, kind, understanding, thoughtful. loving ,beautiful and most specially beauty and brain…love u k,,,stay as sweet as you are….god bless you..i will always pray for you ..more projects to come,,,take care…

  24. malandi ka marian ito namang ding dong na too gusto u lang naman makasex si marian piling u ding dong kung talagang nagpapa sexy ka sana pati titi u pakita u na nabibitin lang u gago putang ina mo ding wa

  25. ang ganda mo

  26. I never really liked Karylle before but because of the way she handled her recently failed relationship is very admirable. She handled it with the grace of a mature person. I have never heard her badmouth her ex nor his rumored gf. She has always been tactful with her answers to interviews. I couldn’t help but admire her. Now i’m on of her fans. Kudos to Karylle!

  27. hi ate marian you are my idol
    i am your no.1 fan
    i luv u
    birthday ko po sa june 16

  28. i am your no. 1 fan
    i luv u

  29. Karylle and Dingdong are not meant for each other. There is more chemistry between Marian and Dingdog.The viewers all the time look forward to watching them. Karylle has to move on. And as adults all of them should act like one. face all the downfalls in life with a brave heart and an understanding mind.

  30. hi marian muzta na kayo ni dingdong

  31. marian ang bagay ni8yo kay dingdong


  33. marian your so beautiful.,.,by;leianne,ellaine and Serjay ann

  34. marian may idol sumayaw ka na ng sabaysabay tayo

    • hey,,go to search ur idol marian laspag soso,,nakita yong soso nya nang maraming tao sa studio,,,pag may anak na ang idol mo ikakahiya sya nang anak nya kc they wil tease her kids that their mom is a hooker kc kita boobs nya sa television,,im sorry but ur idol is burara..

  35. ang ganda mo pla tlga no

  36. Nkakaawa tlga c karylle pwo wla taung mggwa dhl ngyari na…h0pe sna ok na tlga si karylle…

  37. super bait tlaga si kaye kc poh she never talk shit to those people na nanakit sa kanyang pure heart,,shes very kind and very educated person,,,i really admire her a lot,,,im hoping and praying that shes gonna be fine that someday she’ll find someone who will be her soulmate 4-ever ,,,kaye worries we are always here for you no matter what ,,you are always in our prayers,,,

  38. keep smiling kaye,,,we love you so much,,we really care about you,,,keep up the good job,,,,good luck on ur career,,,have faith,,,,take care,,

  39. well, firstly I dont find Marian impressive as you can tell most of her acts and words are insincere. yung mga ganyan hndi dapat magtagal sa showbiz! si K due to her finesse character should be applauded but AGAIN I SHOULD SAY THAT SHE SHOULD ALSO LEARN TO SPEAK OUT AT DIVULGE WHAT HAPPENED KSI OBVIOUS NA NA SINUNGALING AT NILOKO SYA NG DD AT MR CAVTNE NA YAN! It will also help as guide sa mga taong naloko ng mga inosenteng followers ng 2 yan at nagpapaniwala pa sa ka ek ekan ni MR!

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