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Wolverine and X-Men Pinoy Actors

First of all, I’m so excited about the X-Men movies prequels. Their choice of their very first offering is only but very fitting, WOLVERINE. He is really my favorite character in the X-Men series. I love the comics, the cartoon/animated series, but when they decided to do a movie and choose Hugh Jackman, I think that’s the ultimate thing that they ever did. I just so love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. He is so perfect.
Anyway, here are some pics movie stills of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine from ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’. Enjoy them, you can also watch through yahoo and youtube the trailer which is already has a lot of hits (according to yahoo). It’s now the latest video craze on the net. Not surprising!

Wolveine showing his angst!

Wolverine showing his angst!

Nice shot looks like it has been photoshop a little too much.

Nice shot even it looks really fake.

My Favorite Shot!

My Favorite Shot!

By the way, the Little Storm who is going to appear in the prequel movie looks just like Halle Berry. Storm is another one of my favorite character.
And just for those people who want it. Here are a couple of pics showing the ripped body of Hugh Jackman.

Not only does he look great. But he looks like a good family man. The really good part he manages to look sexy. By the way he just turned 40 this yearr.

Not only does he look great. But he looks like a good family man. The really good part he manages to look sexy. By the way he just turned 40 this yearr.

Another sexy pic of Hugh Jackman.

Another sexy pic of Hugh Jackman.

By the way, he once said in an interview that he sleeps in the nude. Well, that is until one time the nanny of his children walked into him naked.

And speaking of nakedness. I once walked into a Filipino actor naked. Well, it was really his fault because he didn’t lock the door in the inner room and I honestly don’t know that he was inside.

I went out and after he has dressed profusely apologized to the guy. He was nice and just cool about it and said that it is perfectly fine and admitted that it was his fault.

Now, this guy is being rumored to be gay. For quite a long time now. I like him because he is nice and I know why he can’t make himself admit that he is gay but sometimes, it is just sad that they can’t be who really they are in public. Who can blame them anyway, look at Rustom, he came out, had a few movie, and was out of showbiz work for the longest time. Good thing there is Eva Fonda on TV where they gave him a good role. But couldn’t we give good, decent roles for our X-Men Pinoy Actors? There is nothing wrong if a gay guy plays a straight role.

Anyway more pics of Hugh Jackman…Wala lang….For those who loves the guy…


Another Wolverine Picture

Another Wolverine Picture

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