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FPJ Pa Rin for 2010 Elections!

It’s funny that my first post is somewhat political. But bear with me because it is really more showbiz. I was made privy of a research conducted by an independent group that determines who’s the people’s choice for presidential candidate for the 2010 elections.

Surprisingly, a significant number of people still wants FPJ to run. Yes, the FPJ who passed away several years ago. They want him to run. They even said, ‘Kahit patay na siya, siya pa rin, kasi dinaya lang naman siya.’ They also added that since FPJ can’t run anymore, they want Susan Roces or Erap to run instead. A few mentioned Loren Legarda since she is FPJs running mate during the last presidential.

FPJ hasn’t proven anything yet in politics. But the people who knows him says that he really is a nice person. I myself were able to interview these people and they say he really is masa.

The question is how many of these people who wants him to run for presidency knows about this side of FPJ first hand, and now many of these is mostly because of the things they saw on TV or movie?

Obviously, the effect of showbizness is really great!

FPJ for President 2010!

FPJ for President 2010!

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